JorZine - Hypocrisy - End of Disclosure [Review]

Hypocrisy - End of Disclosure [Review]

Label: Nuclear Blast

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2013-03-27

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9/10 9/10 9.5/10 7/10 8/10

Highlights:   Tales of Thy Spineless, The Eye, United We Fall.

Hold on your breath, I’m about to praise another badass hypocrisy's album. Hypocrisy are Swedish death metal gods, and blowing your mind is their game. 'End of Disclosure' is the 13th full-length album by the three-legends outfit out of Ludvika, and the experience  of Peter Tagtgren (one of my death metal gods), Mikael Hedlund and Horgh have smelted this squirming mass of music out of melodic death metal, epic death, atmospheric heavy riffing, and smooth jazz-drumming technique. It’s the most fantastic or amazing album you’ll ever hear in 2013, but it’s so interesting that it’s more than worth your time for a listen.


There aren't many albums of which you can say with all the confidence in the world that they are perfect - with no flaws in them and the only shortcoming being the listener's subjective taste. On the musical front, this album has no peers and no faults.


As for the tracks themselves, all the tracks are a must listen. Let's start with "End of Disclosure": It is difficult to imagine and describe how Peter managed to come up with this masterpiece vocal-style, with synths and guitars being used in almost equal capacity. The growled vocals of peter, they never really come down to give the listener a break.


Speaking about the next three tracks "Tales of Thy Spineless", "The Eye" and "United We Fall" in terms of musicianship, this band proves here that they are able to hold their own against the new wave of cheeseburger death metal, even outclassing them in terms of creativity and the simple fact that they never seem to run out of musical ideas. The guitar playing is technical, melodic, and mature in that is that it doesn't always have to play a major role in the music, and solos only occur at the appropriate moments. The bass playing is top notch, as the bassist can be heard throughout the whole album and is featured from time to time, the drumming would make Horgh proud as hell, it's really frenetic death metal drumming, more than I ever expected.


"44 Double Zero" material is excellent death metal with just some shades of symphonic-metal thrown in, smart use of melodies and hooks, and a plenty of aggression, putting some spoken verses here and there, to create peter's aliens-taken atmosphere. The journey continues with "Hell Is Where I Stay", which reminds me of a number of different bands or different types of music, making a bit of familiarity which stimulates my brain to no end. Dan Swano/Edge of Sanity comes to mind, but I also catch whiffs of some things you'd expect to hear from At the Gates, Kataklysm, and even Entombed, which to me is an impressive feat that I don't believe I've come across up until now.


"Soldier of Fortune" it’s the seventh track, first of all guys it's not a cover of Deep Purple, it's a pure raping death metal sphere, the god's performance is superb here, and so is the mixing quality. I should especially highlight the bass part, which is often lost in the mix in metal, and seldom shines from the technical point of view. On this record the bass track is clearly heard for the whole length, the composition quality as a whole is top touch, no riff gets repetitive.


It can take a while to sink in but the band recommends that you listen to the album as a whole and it truly enhances the experience. It is like a journey through space and time, here i am speaking about the next tracks "When Death Calls" and "The Return": There are many scream-sections by Peter, explaining the concept which kind of adds a nice contrast to the music, the concept of afterlife music. The album has a few acoustic parts and clever space music that seem to fit perfectly with the heavy riffing. The bass lines are crazy with all the popping and slapping, truly noteworthy. These are of those tracks that would actually require more than one listen to them.


The band also featured a Bonus track in titled "Living Death", it's begins upon first listen you immediately want to bang your head along with it, and as you do the melody seems to drift in and out of the pace set by your, which is a quality of this kind of music I find very alluring, yet another diverse song.


Listen to this album, if you like fast-aggressive-melodic-Swedish death metal, listen to this album, if you’re just looking for something different, this album will also be for you.


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