JorZine - Metal Blast II (Live in Egypt)

Metal Blast II (Live in Egypt)

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Moustapha Laithy - 2013-04-04

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8.5/10 8.5/10 8/10 8.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  The whole show was amazing

During a normal day in Egypt, a sunny day of spring, during this day there was a massacre that took a place in Sakia, the place where Metal Blast was executed!
This special event started with a music workshop in the morning, which featured a lot of excellent musicians from Egypt, Jordan and Poland, some of these artists were:

"Adam Kafafy from anarchy" Egypt
"Zander Adam from Destiny In Chains" Egypt

"Tayyem from exile" Jordan
"Jack from Depopulate" Poland

Guitar with:
"Nader from exile" Jordan
"Ahmed Raouf from anarchy" Egypt
"Ehab Khaled from Medic" Egypt

And the Bassist "Ibrahim from exile" Jordan



The moon became full as the night has started to cover the whole place, and the werewolves started to blend in with vampires inside the Sakia. As a lot of people showed up for the concert, it started with the chaotic progressive dragons ANARCHY, and it was actually the best act you could open the night with, as Anarchy did an amazing show (performance and music), they played some tracks from their album "Scriptorium" which has been released that day, and a new single entitled "Asylum".


Just right behind ANARCHY there was the Jordanian Thrash Metal band EXILE. What a fucking awesome show they did, even though they took a little time to get on the stage, cause of the left handed drummer, they had to change the drum set setup and sound settings, which coasted the concert and the other bands a little time, but after all it was an awsome show, as they played some stuff of their album "Suspended Society ... Mutilated Variety", a great music, amazing performance, I was really amused the whole show.

As EXILE got down the stage, the Egyptian heavy beasts WYVERN got on the stage to play five tracks of their upcoming album "Public Enemy", and one of the metal fans's favorite tracks "The Clown" - one of the close to my heart - as they also used to blast our minds away they amazed the crowds with their amazing performance, amazing jazzy drumlines, incredible bass riffs.


Once WYVERN blasted thier feets of the stage, it started to get more chaotic, and more extreme with CRESCENT, as they blowed our minds with thier blast beats, death riffings and amazing brutal vocals. A great performance it was as they performed some of their old tracks. I was happy to see them performing again since a long time.

Then it came to hell of a progressive music mixed with jazz fusion as the crowd was amazed of the jazzy fusion with metal, as people also stopped headbanging to pay a listen, even though the first two tracks weren't performed amazingly, but it was really good, there was some trouble happening with their guest guitarist Sherif Tarek from ORIGIN and Ehab - the lead guitarist and vocal of MEDIC. He took the chance to laugh the crowds off and discuss with them many issues. As the technical troubles were fixed with MEDIC, they performed a whole new track from their upcoming album, a hell of riff works influenced by Lamb of God, Opeth and many others mixed with jazz: A great composition, amazing riff works, freaky bass lines, jazzy drum lines.


Then it was the end of this great night with the Polish extreme, brutal, technical, and Death Metal band DEPOPULATE. A hell of blast beats , what a freak drummer it was, weird riffs, deathcore vocal, they played their playlist from their debut album, with their extreme performance (especially the vocal), people started the circle pits, moshpits and walls of death. It was a hell of a night .

For those who have weak hearts, or any heart disorder, they should've asked their doctors before comming to this concert , also ear troubled it's not your thing. As overall it was a great day to spend, if you've missed it, then you've lost the half your soul and sold it out for the sake of life not yourself .


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