JorZine - Viieden - Calamities Inflicted EP

Viieden - Calamities Inflicted EP

Label: GrindBor Records

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2012-09-12

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8/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7/10 7.5/10


Viieden, the new Brutal Death Metallers on the Middle East's map, have started their musical journey by releasing their first EP just a few days ago. The band was formed back in 2011 in Syria by Hazem Mallah, Abdullah Ghosheh and Fadi Massamiri.


To go straight to my thoughts about the release, this piece is neither for the faint hearted nor for people who haven't acquired the taste of Goregrind/Brutal Death Metal. For starters, this EP wastes no time and jumps straight to the point of brutality! Add to that a combo of technical drumming that sometimes hits the double bass so fast that it sounds like fast explosions in the deep,slamming guitars and an odd, harmonic-swept bars here and there.


It's not fair to say that they're completely unvaried. They don't fall in every stereotypical pit of slam, like ultra-slow breakdowns with below guttural growls, and every so often they sneak in a little blast beat or two. When listening to this EP you won't get bored, and while encephalopathy never reaches lightspeed the band's sense of flow is still remarkably good. Their compositions are truly a worthwhile listen. "Calamities Inflicted" its really a good start for the band but one thing I can complain with is the production as in my opinion, to be a perfect Brutal Death band, you need a very good production.I am really looking forward to their debut album.


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