JorZine - Blood Of Seklusion - Caustic Deathpath to Hell

Blood Of Seklusion - Caustic Deathpath to Hell

Label: Butchered Records

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2012-08-01

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9/10 9.5/10 8/10 9/10 9.5/10


Blood Of Seklusion is an Italian Death Metal group formed in 2007 and have recently released a full-length album titled, "Caustic Deathpath to Hell". This is something I never expected from such an underrated band, taking me on trip from the most welcomed Old-school Death Metal riffs and, if something should ever be said: this band really showed me the immense musical potential of a modern band playing around with an old-school genre. 

The album opens with the instrumental track, "Flogging Deathstorm of Pain". It is a deadly epic path trodden by the the band as an introduction to their style. As for the review, I am going to divide this album into three parts based on the similarities of the tracks. 

Part one contains tracks 2-4: "Epidemic Madness", "The Darkest of the Graves" and, "Dead Dominion". This release shows no sign of madmen attempting to push the boundaries of Death Metal but, instead, it demonstrates solid brutality as it should be and is, at times, really complex and pulverizing. Riffs are bound together by crippling speed and joint-cracking heaviness invade the music with diversified tinges that come off as electrifyingly powerful. It was also frickin’ amazing to hear this level of talent from the combined vocals of the band. On the other end of the spectrum, the percussion and bass began to colorize from a multi-chromatic approach, typically showing itself as pleasurable blasting, technical plucks, mid-paced hammers that breaks necks and, finger-sliding fills – among other great techniques usually applied in Death Metal. 

The second part is about tracks 5-8: "Embracing Death", "Liar in Darkness", “Beware of the God" and, "Freezing in Fire". This part of the album is the faster and more aggressive, it doesn't lose much (if any) speed compared to Brutal Death Metal. However, there are slower, even melodic sections that sparingly used in order to make the album more diverse and durable. Guitar tone is relatively high and adds to the aggression in contrast to asphyxiating feel that low-tuned guitars tend to create. Vocals are slightly more high-pitched and tortured than the average Death Metal growls. Drummer, Marcello Malagoli is assertive and competent; his fills are especially incredible and are never out of place. Also, some killer guitar work is utilized where every single riff flows smoothly, like they were welded together. 

The last part of this review is for the remaining tracks – but first: the production on this album seems to be perfect, it doesn't have that terrible sound as if it were recorded in an attic or basement and isn't so overproduced like mainstream Metal crap. The guitars here are flawless in their execution of atonal Death Metal meanderings, similar to the anti-melodic lines of mid-era Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity, or any other 90’s Death Metal band. However, the melodic lines feature an unusually high amount of squealing harmonics, pitch bends and, bizarre phrase timings that remind the listener of that masterful work of off-kilter Death Metal. There is also a nice peppering of folk samples that add an element of the unexpected and unique to sometimes overly muddy technical riffs. Overall, this sampling of brutal guitar technicality is of a very advanced construction and easily moves between traditional dynamics, stop/start syncopations and, pacing breaks and refrains. The bass mostly follows the guitars as on any release of this period, but there are moments when it shines through as a separate instrument, adding considerable depth to the already tired power chords and palm-muted atonal attacks of endless variety. Drumming here is perfectly precise and rhythmic, punctuating the album with accents upon accents above and beyond more typical blasts, fills and, double-bass work. 

Overall I'd recommend this album to any fan of Old-school Death Metal. This album is an instant classic in my view as I heard some of the best material out of Blood of Seklusion and was introduced to a great new band that showed the sick-twisted spirit of old memories. 


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