JorZine - Carnage of Children - Way of Darkness

Carnage of Children - Way of Darkness

Label: Unsigned/independent

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2013-03-01

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7/10 7/10 6.5/10 7.5/10 7/10

Highlights:  Infinity, Under Suffering

Something that particularly catches the attention about Carnage of Children’s debut full-length is not what it does, but rather what it comes so very close to doing. ‘Way of Darkness’, despite actively and enthusiastically reveling in its varying death/thrash influences, doesn’t quite hit the mark set by those bands in terms of sheer, un-tempered velocity. A minor gripe this may certainly sound, but it makes all the difference upon actually letting the record assault your ears.


The French group starts the album with "Into the Abyss" simple and well-written intro, then What we have here on one hand is par-for-the-course quality death/thrash, packed to bursting point with plenty of merciless breakdown-based pounding, vicious blasting, and enough variety to keep the attention held for the appropriately "The Sleep of Satan Part 1".


On the other hand, however, "Antichrist and "Hellraiser" are the perfect showcase for how Carnage of Children seem to have fallen victim to a problem that plagues metal bands only on extraordinarily rare occasion - whilst listening to their admittedly high quality material, one cannot helping (and wondering very acutely) how an alteration or expansion of direction might best benefit them.


The band is impressively tight as a unit, considering this as their only full-length debut release. Despite its solidarity the bass islacking in presence, though this is made up due to the delectably gritty and nasty guitar tone, not to mention the riffs and its screeching out. Drum work at "Infinity" and "Under Suffering" is enjoyable concise and straightforward, and to say that the vocals sets me in the brutal state of mind of the vocalist while recording this outfit.


The riffing straddles the razor thin line between old school death metal and blackened Germanic thrashing, and the band is mainly moving forward at only one speed : FAST-SLOW. It's not an album of originality; it's more of hastly smash-sending you through the arch gates of Hell by repeatedly stabbing a cursed blade into your throat. Also It's not that much of an "awesome" record, and I was particularly taken by the next tracks "Evil Is at Home", "The Sleep of Satan Part 2" and "Way of Darkness" which are riff-tabular and insanely bombastic.

The most vicious death/thrash metal ever released; The overall presentation of every song could easily put off a lot, but for death metal fans who are looking for consistency will definitely find something to enjoy in, if not the whole album. I'll admit, the stuff here sounds somehow cliché, but it's fucking death metal, it breaks your neck, and for that it serves its purpose.


Despite a sound blackmailed by two decades and little innovation outside the construction of metal insensitivety and unforgiving, Blood Feast’s songs are reasonably memorable, stiff-handed yet deceptively artful in their severity, owing much to their ability to engineer more of good sounds.


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