JorZine - Serenity Broken - Commercial Suicide

Serenity Broken - Commercial Suicide

Label: Unsigned/independent

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2013-03-01

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Highlights:  Def, Alone?

Serenity Broken, along with many other bands in the genre known as alternative metal. I'll readily admit not being the biggest fan of the more hardcore bands in alternative metal, as well as the hardcore genre in general; I've always been keener to listen to normal extreme bands. But hearing Serenity Broken album "Commercial Suicide"; a well-written and one of the best alternative albums I've ever heard, it's really catchy and energizing hymns.


When the first song "Tattooed Heart" came through the speakers, I was astounded to hear something I thought was foreign to the members of "Serenity Broken"; actual guitar riffs, Lots and lots of heavy, hardcore based guitar riffs. The drums used in this song, as well as the rest of the album, draw heavy traces from late 90's alternative metal.


At the next tracks "Shadows", "Slip Up" and "Alone?" the release goes more professional, the production's really awesome, more than I ever thought to be honest. The vocals are emotive and motivated, the bass is audible and does a great job with the drums, and the guitar solos are perfectly executed. Riffs in "Shadows" or "Slip Up" are not only catchy but surprisingly professional and written for ages to come. The songs are addicting and when it comes to solo performance just check the track "Alone?", entertaining and there's really nothing negative to tell about this impressive first powerful record.


One can't really expect much more from a debut record and the only thing that separates this genius piece from an even higher rating is that it didn't hit as hard as it should have internationally and didn't invent or reinvent a genre, and that’s what the next tracks shows, here I'm talking about "Our Hate" and "Right in Me" well written and tortured lyrics, touching upon themes such as heartache, broken and troubled relationships and a huge feeling of loss throughout.


The start up in "Another Fading Memory" and "Def" just complete the show, several adjectives can be used to describe the overall "feel" or "mood" of this album, including somber, introspective. In other words, it marks the return of the overall atmosphere of the golden wave of alternative music.


In the next tracks the music structure goes more solid as a whole and isn't just for fans of alternative music. In fact, metalcore fans might even be disappointed with this album, because the songs are much more varied. But knowing that going into the first listen you're going to get hard rock mixed with more laid back rock, and even some metalcore influences will raise the enjoyment level of this album immensely. It's not perfect, but it's certainly unique, and when the mood is right, there isn't anything more fitting to listen to.


The last song it's just another version of the song "Def" but with a special entrance from "George Kollias" the legendarily drummer from the legend death metallers "Nile", he's absoulutly an amazing touch to the song to create such a wonderful atmosphere.


It's a shame that this band has only a few reviews for this release and still has an underground status out of Greece. Those guys rock like hell since the very beginning, and this record is by far better than many debut efforts of American alternative metal bands that have come to success.


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