JorZine - Walls Of Death (Vol.2)

Walls Of Death (Vol.2)

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Reviewer: Mohammad 'Fredd' Farid - 2013-03-01

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7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10


It was a full moon night and the werewolves were out for blood. But no blood was shed, for all the werewolves attended the Walls of Death. Featuring some of the best and most talented Egyptian bands, it was was a hell of a night. 


Hosted by the good people at El Sawy's Culture Wheel, this event was the best organized among those I've attended there so far. Clean bathrooms, a canteen and resting space were available. The hall was roomy enough to accommodate the thousand man-strong crowd. The bands started in their scheduled time, without remarkable delay (for the first time!) although Destiny in Chains had to swap numbers with Sinprochecy because their guitarist hadn't arrived then. Other than that, everything was perfect. 


The sound and lighting were pretty decent, of course not as good as we'd wish it to be, but it was definitely best given the available facilities. 


First up were The White Chamber, a soft rock duo. They played some soft rock classics, rather masterfully I must say, and the crowd seemed to enjoy, but personally I have no idea what why they were on an event named "Walls Of Death."


Second were the 7-piece old-school rockers, Tomcats. They played some covers of rock and hard rock classics as AC/DC, Foo Fighters and Ozzy. They also covered the Power Rangers soundtrack. Their performance was decent and all, but they seemed out of touch with the black-clad audience of metal heads.




Things did pick up, however, with the amazing Sinprophecy, whose death metal riffing kept the crowd headbanging throughout the entire set. Sinprophecy simply put out the single most consistent performance of the night. Most of the mosh pits took place in their set, almost with every track. On the last track there were several concentric headbanging circles. This made for some of the best moments of the night.




Then there were the crowd favorites, the avantgarde oriental metallers that everyone loves, Origin who had the most interesting set. Starting with a brilliant oud intro, the band members then appeared on stage all dressed in black ??????. Then they were joined by their violinist (who in my opinion was the best musician on stage that night) for an awesome track, sung in clean Arabic vocals. The rest of set was good as well, but they shined best on the clean vocal tracks. The set's finale was the highlight of the night, with some amazing folklore music and a dancer (a spinning guy) appearing on stage and putting up a very nice show. Unexpected and bizarre is the best sense of both words, and way to conclude the set.




Then there were the death metallers Destiny in Chains, whose guitarist couldn't make it on time and had to be replaced by Sinprophecy's. Destiny in Chains did everything Sinprophecy had done (better) earlier. Sure they did have their moments and they put up a great performance but I guess I was just too weary from Sinprophecy's show to enjoy Destiny's the way it was meant to.




Then an interesting change of pace with Anarchy's progressive metal set, which was very energetic and got the crowds up and headbanging again despite most of them being dead tired. At this point, people were beginning to leave, and the band called for people to stay for the following (and final) band.




Sadly though,Mephostophilis, haven't play their full playlist ,cause of the issues happened with the lawyer of the Muslims brother-hood Filed a complaint against the event organizers , but still they handled it well






(Remember, people, whenever your ears start ringing at a concert, leave at once. Not doing so could cause permanent irreversible damage to your hearing. And better bring earplugs.


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