JorZine - Wintersun - Time I

Wintersun - Time I

Label: Nuclear Blast

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2013-01-25

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9/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 7.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Land Of Snow And Sorrow, Sons of Winter and Stars

'Wintersun' is a Finish Symphonic/Epic Death Metal band formed in 2003, who in 2004 released their debut eponymous album entitled 'Wintersun'. That album was a big wave in history of Death Metal, I still remember the night which my friend and I spent entirely just listening to this masterpiece. Now, and after an eight years long wait, the band finally released their second album entitled "Time I". Looking at the cover and listening to it again and again, a question comes up: 'what the hell is going on with these legendary musicians'. This album contains some of the most wonderful and outstanding orchestral music I've ever heard. Almost every song is the godlessly unique; none of it stands out, and it took me 2 or 3 months of listening to these riffs so I could write a word about them.


Every song is very melodic, guitars and keyboards setting the atmosphere for the entire album. The music itself is pretty good. The album opens with "When Time Fades Away". Its depth gives the listener good anticipation to check out the rest of the tracks. Then, as in every conceptual album, there is a four-parted song: "Sons of Winter and Stars". This track is divided into four chapter and its goes like this: I: Rain of Stars, II: Surrounded by Darkness, III: Journey inside a Dream, IV: Sons of Winter and Stars. The vocals are powerful, dramatic, and controlled. Jari uses a deep harsh/clean vocal style; a lot of the vocal lines are elongated and drone on and on. Also the fact that four or five big musicians from the Folk master band Ensiferum worked on these tracks is giving the choirs an impressive atmosphere.  In all honesty, I would never mind long songs if they all had this Folk/Atmospheric ambiance, especially with Kai, Teemu and Jukka’s Unforgettable Performance; no debate, this track is the best of 2012.


You can tell this band has a ton of instrumental talent, and while a lot of what he says is unintelligible, a very expressive vocalist. You have amazing sequences, the blazing guitar break in the middle dividing “The Distance”, an epic guitar solo and instrumental passage in “Anathema”. Also, in "Land Of Snow And Sorrow", the third track in this album, you have screamed vocals, multi-layered clean vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, and a very busy drummer all fed through a magical, masterful mix.


The strength of this album is in its consistency. Track after track is catchy and well written and any living person can see that through the second instrumental track "Darkness and Frost", which makes it seem like a way of getting ready for some wonderland riffs in the next track: "Time I", the last act of this show. It took me 4 listens to come to that conclusion. The first thing to grab my attention holding the album in my ears is the great effort and the amazingly strange lyrics. When "Time I" starts the thing that really grabs the attention is the unbelievably tight and dramatic drums sound. Normally I’m a very big fan of this sound and in the very controlled sound of the album, which breathes a very cold atmosphere and borderline psychotic vibe, it works perfectly.


Overall really amazing release and I can't wait till "Time II" is release in 2013. I recommend it to Folk/Epic Metal fans, open minded Death Metal fans and Symphonic/Orchestral Metal fans who like more dynamic production.


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