JorZine - Infinitum - The Sixth Extinction

Infinitum - The Sixth Extinction

Label: Obsidian Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-02

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Though I am not really into the Australian extreme metal scene, there are many precious metal releases this year are screaming there, and some bands like "Ne Obliviscaris" and "Be'lakor" are giving us a lot of efforts this year that can prove us the fact that Australia can export a lot of adorable extreme metal releases, and here is the technical death metal band "Infinitum" is presenting us another solid and rocky proof with their second full-length album "The Sixth Extinction". 

Infinitum has released the debut album "Behold Eradication" in 2008, and since then I've been following their news to check the sound of their second full-length album, all of my expectations were really true and the new sound of the guitars and drums are completely breathtaking. The new production can crash skulls with its toughness and resistant rigidity, the sounds of the snare and the crashes and the double-bass are drilling my ears with their adorable performance and sound, especially when the double-bass caves the whole sound and covers every all the spaces in the sound signals. The debut album "Behold Eradication" was completely a promising release, and I was fascinated about the performance of the lead guitars and the drumming then, and now after checking the new record "The Sixth Extinction" I can consider this band as one of the most solid acts in Australia and one of the best technical\death metal bands in the global metal scene nowadays. 

This fierce record begins its barbarian journey with the track "From The Cradle To A Plague" and the track "Vexing The Progenitor", every listener will give all of his attention to this record after hearing these tracks because the amount of sharp riffs and the rapid drumming will created memorable and outstanding tracks here for all the death metal fans. The eerie riffing style of the track "Upheaval Of The Elements" and its melodies made this track one of my favorite here and proved that this album will be interesting from the first track until the ninth track. The continuous enjoyment was still raging when the track "With Expansion Comes Expulsion" was erupting out of the speakers as the vocals were digging a deep growling way into the immune wall of sound of the guitars, and this same feeling was also shining on the fifth track "The Great Dying". 

The composition of the tracks are really interesting because it doesn't focus only on creating firm rhythm guitar sound only as the other brutal death metal bands do, it also focuses on the atmosphere of the whole sound, this atmosphere is obvious in the tracks "The Rise Of Man" and "Regurgitating The Core". The tracks "Chicxelub" kept on blowing out of my speakers as I was gazing on the strange and alien creature of the artwork, his roots are capturing the whole drawing as the melodies of this record are capturing my ears with strength and blast-beating solidity. The track "To His Undoing" was a perfect way to end this record, because this track somehow is different than all the other tracks, the dusky performance of the rhythm guitars and the sunken lead guitar lines walk upon the sound of the bass and the drums in a breathtaking way, and the solo of the song also was somehow different than the other solos, the using of the clean guitar section also helped to connect the calm parts with the extreme parts like a bridge. 

Finally, before listening to the CD I was thinking that this album will have exactly the same sound and performance of the debut album (Maybe because I hated the artwork), but I was totally shocked by the great new performance and by the amazing brutal sound and the quality of the performance. If you are into the brutal death genre and if you are a fan of the technical death metal bands, then I recommend this album for you, but if you're not a fan of the brutal\technical death metal genre then this album can be a great introduction into this world of pounding riffs and extreme performance. Every single CD in your library will be butchered if you bring this record, get ready for the massacre and buy it now.


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