JorZine - The Fall of Every Season

The Fall of Every Season

Label: Grau Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-01-23

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9/10 10/10 9/10 9.5/10 9/10

Highlights:  Aurelia, Come waves

The Fall of Every Season has always been one of my favorite Norwegian doom metal projects, the previous releases (and the excellent debut album) have helped the name of the band to get a lot of fans due to the professionalism of the songwriting. The atmospheric structures and the melancholic melodies of this musical project have made me crave for more releases, and here is the second full-length album "Amends" is blowing the ground the doom metal scene with more inspiring music.

The tune of the guitars sound exactly like the previous album "From Below", but the mixing and the mastering have really improved, the total sound is now more surrounding. The vocals of Marius Strand are the first things that will blow your ears and fill the speakers with blood while listening to the album, the raging harsh vocals and the clean vocals are painting the guitar sections completely, creating a very interesting atmosphere for those who love to sink inside the melodies of the melancholic kind of music. The total influences are ranging from the old Katatonia to October Tide, and sometimes Opeth (especially the clean guitar sections and the chords progression).

Though the album has only five tracks, but the length of the tracks and the musical elements of each track are enough to paint your day with memorable harmonies. The the structure of the first track "Sole passenger" reminds me a lot of the legendary doom\death metal album "Brave Murder Day", but the originality of the band is obvious in every corner of this track. The performance of the drums and the breathtaking solo are my favorite elements here. The track "The mammoth" starts in an aggressive way, a raging riff and a powerful drumming, but the acoustic guitars and the overdriven lead guitar cut the atmosphere and make the total mixture more spiritual and inspiring. The short instrumental track "A portrayal" reminds me of the album "Black Waterpark", which is one of my favorite death metal albums of all time.

The beauty of this records continues with the tracks "Aurelia" and the longest track "Come waves", these two tracks are my favorite pieces in this record, because the atmospheric melodies and harmonies are abundantly available here. This album doesn't have a lot of keyboard sections, but that wasn't a problem at all and it didn't prevent the overall sound from being highly atmospheric, the guitars dominated the whole atmosphere and created immaterial environment behind the vocal tracks.

Overall, I didn't find this piece better than the previous album, actually this record has the exact musical level of the previous album "From Below". If its the winter time in your region and you want a suitable extreme metal music for it, then you have to get your copy of this album now and make your speakers flood  your ears with melodies.



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