JorZine - Coat Of Arms

Coat Of Arms

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Moustapha Laithy - 2013-01-20

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9.5/10 9/10 9.5/10 8/10 9/10

Highlights:  Composure to remain, brundlefly

Within a new day's dawn , a bright light came to my eyes , as an UFO getting close to my window. as the light came as close a she could get i woke up to find I've been in a trip in between the "sun and satellites" , What a gore , melodic trip , which i enjoyed .  " Coat of arms " will take you with their latest release "Sun and satellites" to a musical trip that you won't forget . "Coat of Arms" are a four-piece band stemming from Abu Dhabi, UAE , They have released their first album "Inheritance" in 2009 featuring 15 tracks.


when i first listen to single release "Composure to remain " it blow offmy mind  , as my ear caught cool techniques in Vocals , marvelous riffage work , and a hell of drum lines. I couldn't stop my self from reviewing this album , i've waited to hear this release so Bad expecting it to be a hell of a release , actually i couldn't expect it to be like what am hearing right now of spectacular riffage work ,and amusing Vocals.

In "River weser " there was a great harmony between the vocals as Growls or clean with the guitars , with some vocals effects which gave more melody to the ears .


enjoyd the bridge in "skies Craft " not only that , even the melodic riffage , and the mixing effects that had my ear reach it's orgasm And what The hell "the forming abyss " was . a creep quite jorney to clean the ears. "Dimensions Revealed" a wierd intro though but it's fucking amusing . an amazing connection between the album tracks . Ioved the long gurutal in the outro of "brundlefly"


Within this album you'll find a wiered ,and amazing mixture of Djent riffing , metalcore , and deathcore, amazing drum lines , but it's within the typical druming of those genres , it could be more distinguished. Freaking fucking awsome riffage , melody and breakdowns . marvellous writing  , and amazing harmony between the guitars. steady bass line that fills the ear orgasm. amazing time signatures. if you haven't listen this album yet , you should run and listen to it , or you gonna miss a lot .


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