JorZine - Newsted - Metal EP

Newsted - Metal EP

Label: Chophouse Records

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2013-01-19

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Soldierhead, Godsnake



After many side projects (Echobrain and Papa Wheelie) and filling in for big bands (Ozzy and Voivod), Jason had finally found the right way to reconnect with his true fans, the METAL fans. Apparently, he needed 12 years to realize that metal is the only way to the hearts of his true fans from his glory days in Metallica, or even Flotsam and Jetsam, so he puts the punk aside, and went back to his fucken bass, and delivered us one the best heavy metal EPs in the past years, METAL EP.


Musically, Newsted takes the spirit of Metallica and mix it with his own flavors, and the bass is loud and clear, which gives it some Motörhead vibe. Soldierhead, the EP opener, starts in a very Metallica-ish intro, rooted from songs like Whiplash or Dyer Eves. Even the song video clip [which you can watch it over here], have Metallica fingerprint all over it [One and St. Anger]. To be honest, the whole song sounds like an outtake from one of Metallica sessions with Newsted handling the vocals, which, as a Metallica fan, I can't complain about it all, instead I had returned  again to fucken wishing Newsted was still in Metallica.


Godsnake, now less Metllica-ish -although its lyrics remind me of the Black Album-, and continues in a groovier direction, thanks  the groovy Jesus Mendez Jr. hits and drum rolls and Jessie Farnsworth guitars that have some Zakk Wylde and Pepper Keenan sound in it. Next is, King of the Underdogs, follows the footsteps of Godsnake, with more Motörhead influences this time, and a "Master of Puppets" scream in the end!. EP closing with what I think the best song, Skyscraper, Clutch/CoC-esque crushing riffs, with Newsted screaming "NO WAR IS GOOD .. NO WAR IS HOLLY"


All in all, META EP have nothing groundbreaking, yet it is very impressive, and it feels like that what we been waiting for from Newsted since he left Metallica, despite that Metallica influence is high in the four songs, but it's the old days Metallica that everybody was loving it and no one dared to say word about them. It's a fucken great way to start 2013 with, and Newsted can easily put his band name up high in the metal atmosphere if he and his co. stay Kings for the Underdogs and don't start thinking of being Saints of Anger.



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