JorZine - The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda

The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-01-11

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4/10 3/10 8/10 6/10 3.5/10

Highlights:  They Shall All Be Witnesses

After the album "Bleeding the New Apocalypse", I was waiting for more releases for the Swedish industrial death metal group "The Project Hate MCMXCIX". Though the band didn't pay a penny for the album and though the fans have paid all the needed money to get this record professionally recorded, the band didn't share the album for free and the members of the band spent most of their time attacking the reviewers who asked to get their promo copies or their free digital copy, THIS IS SERIOUS! If you enter the website of the band, you will feel that you've entered a website for a pop\rock teen band attacking the reviewers and the listeners who doesn't like their music, COME ON GET A LIFE!


An album created by the donation of the fans must be available for free (at least for the ones who donated their money to the band), and the childish  acts/posts of the members (or the manager) have created a great curiosity inside my ears to hear the new shit, sorry I meant the album. The 12 tracks are really amazing (you know I don't mean that), especially the un-needed 6 tracks that have been made only to make the album cool (or maybe tracks for the deaf people!), its cool baby, its cool. So after losing about 6 minutes of my life on the meaningless tracks DCLXI-DCLXVI, I've decided to go through the claimed blasting tracks of the album, started with the track "I Feed You the Flesh of Your Poisonous Christ", the only good thing about this album IS THE FUCKING TITLE, but I know its too freaking long, I mean come on I want to listen to a track not reading an old boring magazine while having the first glimpse on the track! so lets drop the latest point.


"Our album will be a huge blast, WE HAVE LONG TRACK TITLES!"


And It seems that the misery of the long titles continues because its the only REAL and NEW element that the band has presented in this album. The boring female vocal verses will haunt your lifetime with its typical and uncreative atmosphere, and the guitars that consume the braincells are just cloning the same ideas of the previous albums, NO TIME FOR ORIGINALITY HERE, maybe because the band spent so much time thinking of long track titles. I really loved the harsh vocals in this album, so I had a deep urge to chock the female vocalist to death, PANADOL PLEASE!


Insulting the people who asked for free digital copies in public by the band actually proved the uncreativity and the blank professionalism of the materials, so leaking this album to the public was a the member's ultimate nightmare, and if one of the members is reading this then I am happy to tell you that...Hallelujah! I DOWNLOADED THE ALBUM FOR FREE of course because I wont pay a penny for something like this. The most wonderful thing about the whole record is that it will be so special for the band, this record will be always listed on the pathetic albums list of all time, and nothing can be done to change this fact, really. The track "They Shall All Be Witnesses" is my favorite track in this mess though the female vocal parts were a bit disturbing, do we need that gossipy vocalist to add more depth to the materials? , kill the chick and let the extreme metal fans enjoy these long track-titled pieces!


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