JorZine - Sylosis - Monolith

Sylosis - Monolith

Label: Nuclear Blast

Reviewer: Rami Al-jumaili - 2013-01-01

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9.5/10 9.5/10 10/10 9/10 9/10

Highlights:  The River , Out From Below , paradox

First of all when I feel so thrust to some melodic death metal music that makes me go nuts and gives me a great injection of energy I always head to Swedish melo-death bands and albums or sometime some other Scandinavian melo-death bands , such as : dark tranquility or arch enemy .


But sylosis impressed me with the great mix of melodic notes and the groovy thrash metal elements.


Sylosis was formed in 2000 by original member Josh Middleton back in the school days, This third full-length album "monolith" produced by "nuclear blast" is great big step in the bands career , you can notice the good effort they made in this album starting form "out from below" it’s a thrash bomb , a really brutal start of the album. Then we move to the great melodic stuff that I think sylosis are really taking the lead in such a new style of music with the songs "fear the world" , "what dwells within" and "the river".
Another thing that I liked about this is album is the great mix between grooving style and a touch of progressive elements besides the great performance on the clean vocals in " behind the sun" , "paradox ".


Then albums will conquer your ears with the rest of the album "all not well" , "a dying vine" and more .


The production and the quality was made in a very good job specially the guitar riffs and the drumming sound ,along side with creativity of inserting some keyboard elements reminded me of the band "in mourning" also the performance of the band show us how this band may become leaders in this brilliant style they represent. In final words if you really love melodic death with aggressive thrash style then this is the right album.



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