JorZine - Krake - Conquering Death

Krake - Conquering Death

Label: Indie Recordings

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-02

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Norway is the best black metal factory of all time, because the quality of the music that the band created there is always beyond your imagination, here is Norway is presenting us the talented black metal band KraKe and the debut album "Conquering Death". As Norway was always known for the big amount of pure black metal bands, today Krake doesn't belong that black metal side, because Krake is full of symphonic and melodic influences, so prepare yourself for another Norwegian black metal blast. 

Most of the black metal bands on earth have a lot of influences from the Norwegian masters Emperor, and here is Krake is following the same path of these bands, and I can add Dimmu Borgir also as one of the bands that influenced the music of Krake. Though its hard to compare the Symphonic black metal band with another symphonic black metal band, but I can clearly notice that the band Krake is so much similar to the American symphonic black metal band Eyes of Noctum, especially the perfect production and the crystal sound of the guitars, though the producer of the album "Conquering Death" is "Dreugh" (the guitarist\keyboardist of the band), and the producer of the album "Inceptum" for the band Eyes of Noctum has been done by the genius and the experienced "Fredrik Nordstrom" who worked in the past with great names such as At The Gate and Dark Tranquillity and Dimmu Borgir.

As the acoustic intro of the album "A Murder of Crows" reminds me of the legendary band Bathory, it gives the listeners a large void of expectations about this album before the starting of the track "And a Colder Breed", the track begins with a strong drumming and vital keyboards, the whole atmosphere gets more exciting as the vocals and the progression of the guitars flow around the structure of the songwriting. The tracks "Hearts Blood" and "Ed" are somehow louder than the previous track and the drumming for these tracks have been done with a lot of energy and fury, the guitars also build a great wall around the ambient keyboards which makes total sound rough and liquid. The strength of the track "The Great Leviathan" fills this album with immunity and dynamic sound, especially when the crispiness of the vocals melt into the dusky sound of the atmospheric keyboards, this song reminds me of Dimmu Borgir in a very strong way, especially when the melodies of the piano capture the whole sound before the rough guitars enter again to recapture the atmosphere.

The sixth track "Beneath Black Waters" begins with epic keyboard melodies and forceful rhythm guitar line, the drumming gets faster and slower and keeps on changing as the melodies of the keyboards wrap the sound of the vocals in a very epic way, creating one of the most atmospheric tracks in this record. The track " Victorious, I" is the most interesting and the longest track in this record, more than eight minutes of grinding drumming and strong guitar progression cave the the melodies of the keyboards behind the sinister vocals. As I reach the track "The Gatekeeper" I can really feel the infinite blast-beating energy is still flowing from the members, because even the tracks "I Ly av Lyset" and the instrumental track "Snowfall" have the same energy of the first five tracks. Since the demo album of the band I've followed the news of Krake because I was sure somehow that they will give the black metal scene an excellent and a memorable album that will leave a big trace on the symphonic black metal history.

At the end, I recommend this album for the fans of Emperor and Dimmu Borgir, and for all the fans of Anorexia Nervosa and the early Limbonic Art, because this record will extinguish the thirst inside all of these fans with the rough sound of the guitars and with the perfect production and the mixing. The rapid progression of the guitars that flow on the sound of the atmospheric keyboards is the main theme for the sound of this record, so prepare yourself for this symphonic and volcanic record and get your copy now.


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