JorZine - Promiscuity - Infernal Rock 'n' Roll

Promiscuity - Infernal Rock 'n' Roll

Label: Israhellbanger Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-01-01

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Gybenhinnom

One of the best things about black metal tracks is when the catchy slaying riffs keep knocking your memory even from the first listen, and this is what the Israeli black metal group Promiscuity has managed to create in their first demo album Infernal Rock N Roll. The influences of the old school black metal sound and the original taste of the old school rock n’ roll are melting together in these 3 catchy tracks, so if you think you can bare this type of hellish black metal then you have to get this demo.

The flowing guitar riffs and the powerful drums are the main musical themes of this demo, the sound and the overall structure of the tracks is embracing a lot of thrash 'n roll moments, especially in the track "Gybenhinnom" and "Crime And Punishment". While listening to these tracks here, you will have a lot of Possessed and Hellhammer feelings, and the lyrics will also sum the modern ideas of Darkthrone to form a real solid black metal structure for all those who adore the value of the old school sound. The sharp sound of the solos and the insane performance added a lot of graceless/filthy sounds inside the infernal fuzzy sound of the guitars.

A lot of black metal fans today would prefer the atmospheric and the melodic side of black metal, but I really recommend this release for those who think that this kind of punky/black N' roll is not interesting, because the power that has been delivered to the these bass lines and to the manic performance of the drums is really catchy for any black metal fan, even for those who are not into this type of headbangy and ancient black metal sound.

I've never been a fan of the Israeli extreme metal scene, but today Promiscuity is forcing me to re-check the Israeli releases. Infernal Rock N Roll is an unholy gift for all those who adore the sound of the real black/thrash n' roll, these filthy riffs and these cutting solos will cut off your ears and leave you bleeding without mercy.



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