JorZine - Lich King - Born of the Bomb

Lich King - Born of the Bomb

Label: StormSpell Records

Reviewer: Rami Al-jumaili - 2013-01-01

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9.5/10 10/10 9.5/10 9/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Fan Massacre, Agnosticism

The American thrashers lich king are back, and this time with another massive album. The band was formed 2004, and they released 5 full-lengths and one demo, the band rushed in the way to be among one the greatest bands in the new thrash era. Some of people don’t consider lich king as an original band, or a goofy band but this reflected the opposite, they developed their music and took it to another level with combining groove touches in vocals and riffs also a new level in the solos.

Actually I think this a big jump in the bands career and maybe the best of their works so far. Born of the bomb is the fifth full-length album and its an evolution in the bands creativity of music, the album starts with a thrashy intro "all hail", and then the madness starts with " we came to conquer" with a very aggressive thrash vocals and riffs, of course with a mad solo. The to "wage slave" which reminds me of overkill's tracks, the track holds a very neat techniques and style, the another great track" in the end, devastation" a pure lich king style so the same for " Fan Massacre" and "Axe Cop" with a touch of improving .

The album continue with the thrash hit " combat mosh " as one of the best thrash tracks in 2012 , a mind blowing track that would make you whole body bang , then we move to " agent of steel " the most chocking track in the album , awesome and brilliant vocal style of tom martin made this track a real BOMB, And then the perfect of a thrash injection with " lich king IV (born of the bomb), didn’t expect this end because its seems like a great effort was put in this hit , and of course as great as the other tracks.
Born of the bomb is one of the best thrash albums in 2012 if not the best, a great combination of classic thrash and the new blasting style , this albums is a perfect gift for all the fans of bands such : Evile, Municipal Waste and Exodus .


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