JorZine - Inborn Suffering - Regression to Nothingness

Inborn Suffering - Regression to Nothingness

Label: Solitude Productions

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-12-29

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8.5/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Slumber Asylum,Grey Eden

The slow paced drumming that walks side by side with the sound of the warm guitars is the best metal genre that can satisfy my ears in the winter, especially the music that the amazing band "Inborn Suffering" can create. After the releasing of the successful album "Wordless Hope" I've waited the second full-length on fire, and I am pretty happy about the result, the new album contains so much warmth and grandness in the songwriting.

This week I've read the latest news for the band, and I really had a bad feeling when my eyes hit the news of the disbanding, because I guess the album "Regression to Nothingness" is still virgin and it still needs more and more promotion. Solitude Productions, the high-quality doom metal label has managed to release the latest album for Inborn Suffering to be the top of its releases, so If you think the winter is missing something, then you have to buy this copy now and start enjoying every single moment with this album.

The music of this album have the same heat of the previous full-length, but the new structure of the tracks are stronger and stable; the sound of the guitars are now firm enough to cover all the space in the overall sound. The drumming is so much better and the fillings have really caught my attention, especially in the tracks "Slumber Asylum" and "Grey Eden". The sound of the bass is mixed well to embrace the volcanic sound of the distortion guitars, and the clean guitar sections in the tracks "Regression to Nothingness" and "Born Guilty" have created a perfect atmosphere for all the people who adore the golden days of doom\death metal music.

The influences of the music are deeply located around the music of October Tide and the old Katatonia, and some Anathema's touches can be heard from time to time during the raging melodies of the guitars. The fans of funeral doom metal will also enjoy the elements of this album, because the structure of these tracks have slower tempos than the regular doom\death metal releases, but these slower tempos actually produced a very intelligent music for all the fans of doom metal music.

Overall, the music of this album is really interesting, and I didn't find any boring moments while listening to this album, so if you're searching for something to heat up your room, then you have to let your speakers breath the burning doom melodies of the guitars of this album. For the people who search for harsh riffs, please stay away from this album because Inborn Suffering only managed to create atmospheric doom/death metal pieces of pie.



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