JorZine - Replacire - The Human Burden

Replacire - The Human Burden

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-12-01

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9/10 10/10 9.5/10 9/10 10/10

Highlights:  Every single track is a highlight

I've listened to a lot of bands who wear the progressive death metal dress this year, and most of these bands are just trying to fit Opeth's outfit into their progressively-paced music, but finally I've discovered Replacire, which has totally changed my opinion about this kind of music. I didn't imagine that a band from Boston will have the ability to make a professional progressive/extreme metal record without the need of any Swedish copied materials, and that's why I consider the debut album, "The Human Burden", one of the most original progressive/death metal releases since Blackwater Park.

The technical death metal atmosphere and the butchery of the growling vocals have really blown my mind, and the gentle clean vocals that dig some memorable parts into the brutality of the guitars are the main things that make this band special. You wont have the time to predict any movement inside these insane tracks because the neck-breaking breaks and the fillings make it so hard to foretell what's coming. I tried to sink inside every single track and check the details of every moment and the result was really astonishing; every track has a brutal taste of gentleness, especially the sick gentleness of the tracks "The Human Burden" and "Pure Will".

It's really hard to describe the music that Replacire has managed to achieve in this record because the technical guitar moments that have been inspired by "Meshuggah" and "Blotted Science" are mixed perfectly with the progressive death metal touches of "Opeth". The clean vocals of the tracks "Corridors of Resolution" and "Circles" create huge and vast variations in the musical style, which made the structure of the tracks more interesting and full of energy, but on the other hand I can sense the violent moments of the tracks "Slow Cuts Inside a Throat" and "Mask of Weary Eyes" that focus more on the technical death metal side.

Overall, this piece of art is too fucking professional and brutal. I recommend this album for all those who adore the American death metal scene and the Swedish metal stage. The band has reached its peak with the originality of these tracks, because summing up the hardest two metal styles (progressive metal and technical death metal) in one cup cannot be made by a normal group of musicians, so let this cd vibrate every single bone inside your body.


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