JorZine - Hammer of Gore - Uglified

Hammer of Gore - Uglified

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-12-01

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8/10 7.5/10 8/10 9/10 8/10

Highlights:  Bonesaw, Secondhand Life

Ladies and gentlemen, its the time for some hammering and slashing death metal riffs to blow off your ears and fill this place with your blood, so let me introduce you to the debut album "Uglified" for the German death metal band Hammer of Gore. This band has been born in the middle of 2010 after changing the old name "Infected" to the current name, and after releasing a demo album under the old name.

The 11 violent tracks of this record are ugly and brutal, just like the awfully expressive artwork that shows many sticky and melting skeletons. There are many tracks in this album have really caught my attention and forced me to headbang, such as "Worship The Kill" and "Stump". The drumming reminded me of the Swedish 90s death metal records and gave me a lot of old school death metal beats, especially in the tracks "Bonesaw" and "Hammer Of Gore". The sound of the bass was somehow neglected because the whole production is raw and dominated by the heavy and fuzzy sound of the guitars.

The violent feelings in the tracks "Zombies In The Morgue" and "Secondhand Life" are making the music of this record terrifying and inspiring most of the time, the breaks and the fillings are playing a huge role to create a fearsome atmosphere. The vocals are tainted with the influences of the American and the Swedish death metal scenes, the throat of the vocalist really fitted the structure of the tracks and manufactured some great vocal verses. This experienced death metal riffs have the ability to fill your room with wretched and brutal music, but I don't think your neighbor will like this CD. Its really hard to select the best tracks in this album because every track has its own extreme touches and smell, so I just recommend listening to the whole album.

I recommend this album for all the fans of death metal fans, but not for those who search for the melodic side of death metal, because there is only pure death metal music here. So if you're searching for some old school pure death metal music, then I recommend buying this record now. This debut album is a very good debut for the band and I wish the band will release more gory and bloody releases in the next years, and till then I will be following their (full of blood) career.


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