JorZine - The Order of Chaos - Burn These Dreams

The Order of Chaos - Burn These Dreams

Label: Killer Metal Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-12-01

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8.5/10 9/10 9/10 8.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Chaos In Cairo, Hell Is Forever

The female fronted heavy metal bands are increasing nowadays, but most of these bands are boring and most of them are just trying to copy the old school music to catch some attention. But the Canadian heavy metal band The Order of Chaos has really surprised me with its high quality songwriting that has been inspired by the the early American thrash metal movement (Slayer, Venom) and by the early German speed metal movement (Holy Moses, Sodom). The band has recently released the second full-length album "Burn These Dreams" after the success of the debut album.

The second full length album "Burn These Dreams" has the same headbanging texture of the debut album "The Order of Chaos", but somehow the new album have more interesting and more experienced elements that can be recognized by the fans of the old school speed metal music. The production value of this album has carved the sound of every instrument in a rough way to produce such a raw and old school sound. The sound of the drums and the guitars are collapsing behind the sound of the screamy vocals hardly to create the same atmosphere that the legendary band Sodom has created in the last four releases. The efforts that Amanda (the vocalist) have presented in this record are spectacular, because her throat had the ability to sum the influences of the heavy metal style of Iron maiden with the speedblack metal touches of Sodom.

One of my favorite tracks in this record is the track "Chaos In Cairo", because the oriental guitar riffs and the solo of this track have worked well with the soft-harsh vocals of Amanda to create such a memorable track. Some tracks like "The Size Of Her Diamond" and "Hell Is Forever" are heavy enough to make the speakers burn your ears with their headbanging riffs. Its really hard for me to pick the best tracks in this record because I simply loved every single track, the magical touches of the lead guitars and the energy of the drumming are really flawless, and you can easily notice that if you are a fan of the German band Holy Moses.

In the end, I recommend this record for all the fans of the old school heavy/speed/thrash metal fans, and even the speed/black metal fans will enjoy the energy of the vocals in this record. Every single solo and every insane scream in this record are worthy listening, so if you wish to relive the old school heavy metal energy into the building, then blow the speakers with this CD and keep the old school spirit alive!


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