JorZine - Ankhagram - Thoughts

Ankhagram - Thoughts

Label: Endless Winter

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-12-01

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7.5/10 7/10 7.5/10 7/10 7/10

Highlights:  I'm Fake, Don't Feel This Life

The Russian doom/death one-man project, "Ankhagram", has recently released the album "Thoughts" to all the fans of the atmospheric doom music around the globe. Before giving the tracks the first listen, I was thinking that this album will be a total waste of time, but as the tracks were flowing from my speakers, I realized that there are many good moments in this album. If you have the time to discover what I am talking about, then you have to get this cd now and start browsing through the melodies of this record.

This year is a great year for doom metal fans around the world because there are a lot of doom metal records that have been released and now this record has participated to be a part of these records. The music of Ankhagram is really slow, so I don't recommend this record for the fans who search for some fast and progressive riffs. To be honest, I really love the slow-paced drumming and the slow motion of the melodies because they create a really good atmospheric environment sometimes. The tune of the rhythm guitar is really fragile on this record, maybe because the production of the album isn't perfect.

The sound of the keyboards dominate all the tracks and covers the sound of the guitar and the bass together. The drumming follows the melodies of the keyboards carefully and creates a wall of sound behind the sound of the guitar. The tracks "I'm Fake" and "Don't Feel This Life" are my favorite pieces on this record because they actually have a lot of dynamic elements most of the time. The vocals on this album weren't enough for me because there are a lot of parts that really needed more vocals in their huge spaces, and honestly I hated the vocals on this record because they weren't strong enough to dominate the entire atmosphere. The lead guitar on this record is totally missing, so don't expect to hear any kind of lead guitar sections and this really made a lot of moments on this album really boring and empty.

In general, the album is enjoyable for doom/death metal fans who seek atmospheric music, but it wont be enjoyable for the fans who search for a brutal guitar tune or fast-moving riffs. This record has meant to be so dreamy and atmospheric most of the time, so if you are ready to go through this kind of music, then you have to get your copy now.


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