JorZine - Brain Death - Bloody Death Fields

Brain Death - Bloody Death Fields

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-12-01

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7.5/10 8/10 7/10 7.5/10 7.5/10

Highlights:  Blood In My Hand, Premonition

Its the first time for me to have the opportunity to listen to a metal band from Costa Rica, and actually I haven't been disappointed at all. The debut album "Bloody Death Fields" for the deaththrash metal band "Brain Death" is a great shot for all those who love to get hammered by the death metal riffs. Nine tracks of raging riffs and angry vocals have been created for all the death metal fans around the world, so play the CD and destroy your speakers.

The album started its volcanic riffs with the track "Blood In My Hand" that has a lot of thrash metal influences, I could really notice the spirit of the German band Sodom is headbanging through the riffs of this track. The sound of the bass was really freak in some tracks like "Empire Of Souls" and "Premonition", though the production wasn't perfect. To be honest, I didn't like all the tracks of this record, because some tracks like "Hate" and "No Sign Of Fear" have been totally destroyed by the vocals, the excessive energy in the vocals made these tracks hard to be interesting.

In the other hand, I really liked some of the songs that have some active lead guitars sections, the tune of the solos and the twisting fast picking in some tracks like "Nauilus" and "Eliminate" were really breathtaking. The drumming was really full of fury and wrath in this record, but somehow I didn't like it. I hope that the band will be able to eliminate all the weak points about this album in the incoming releases, because the energy that the band is trying to create is really spectacular. If you have the desire to discover a new death metal release full of thrash metal influences and has a lot of furious riffs, then I recommend this record for you.

In the end, the debut album "Bloody Death Fields" is a good piece that deserves to be heard from all the deaththrash metal fans around the globe. Maybe you'll find it really hard to like all the vocal technics in this record, but you will easily fall in love with the structure of the tracks and the head-breaking riffs that have been created by the guitarists. If its the first time for you to hear a metal band from Costa Rica, then here is your chance to get hammered by this band !


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