JorZine - Alienation Cold

Alienation Cold

Label: S.N.D. Production

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-12-01

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8/10 8.5/10 8/10 8.5/10 8/10

Highlights:  Grass in Water

Atmospheric black metal is actually one pf my favorite wholesale replica handbags black metal sub-genres of all time, because the elements that can replica hermes be added to the structure of the songs must be always touching and memorable, that's why I put my hands on the second full length album "Nothing, Nobody, Never" for the Russian black metal band "Alienation Cold" to discover all these elements. after I gave this album some listens I decided to review the beauty of this solid record that I recommend for all the black metal fans around the world.

The sound of this album is an unholy mixture of the personal experience replica designer handbags of the band and the sound of the early Norwegian black metal era, you can clearly hear that old school guitar texture inside the fabric of these three tracks. Some of the listeners would think that this album is somehow short and not enough to decide if this band can do more grim materials, but I replica burberry disagree with this because I think these three songs are really satisfying, more than 30 minutes of charming black metal environment have been recorded here to fill the spirits of the black metal fans around the globe. The programmed drums sound walks hand in hand with the sound of the bass to create a grim celine replica bags base for the demonic tune of the guitars, the sounds of the synths and piano are also helping the whole sound to be more deep and realistic, and the vocals in this album gave more energy and strength to the compositions.

When I was sinking in the tracks "Grass in Water" and "Nothing, Nobody, Never", I realized I was enjoying every moment in this record, especially when you are used to listen to black metal music while talking a walk. Its really hard to recognize my best element in these songs because all the elements that have been added to the tracks gave a total atmospheric journey for the listeners, but most of the time the synths melodies were too obvious and more vital. The track "Autumn Dream" is a great piece to finish this album, and its my favorite track in this record, the usage of the acoustic guitar and the changing tempo of the drums reminds me of the early elements of Dimmu Borgir somehow. If you hate repetitive louis vuitton sale music you would hate this record, because there are a lot of repetitive sections.

As a black metal fan, I recommend this record for all the listeners who enjoy melodic black metal and atmospheric black metal, but if you're searching for a typical pure and dry black metal sound then you have to stay away from here. This record will be a great piece for you if you like walking in the forest louis vuitton epi replica bag while listening to black metal, because the atmosphere that has been created by the members is strong louis vuitton online enough to blur your awareness. Get your CD now and start sinking with every track.


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