JorZine - Nebelwerfer - The Aeon of Filth

Nebelwerfer - The Aeon of Filth

Label: Assault Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-12-01

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9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10

Highlights:  Death Victory, Rape

As a black metal fan I am really proud too see new black metal bands such as Nebelwerfer are still creating pure black metal music with the same classicism of the early 90s, and I am really glad to have the opportunity to hear the admirable second full-length album "The Aeon of Filth" for this band. As most of the black metal releases nowadays have that modern black metal sound, this record keeps the original black metal sound inside of every track to show the fans that the classic black metal tune will stay alive forever.

Though this band has been formed in 2006, but the sound they created is mixing all the experienced extreme elements of Taake and Tsjuder and Azaghal in one cup and, the complexity of the songwriting also reminds me of the bands Enthroned and Urgehal, and these influences are really clear when the band presented a cover for the song "Goatcraft Torment" for the Norwegian black metal masters "Urgehal". The genuine demonic artwork and the booklet of this record gave me a great impression of how dark and devilish is the music of this record, and all of my expectations were totally true because the fabric of the tracks and the final sound of the album are totally epic and full of graceless inspiration.

This album contains eight tracks and an excellent cover for Urgehal, every track in this record has a big amount of dark energy and fury, some tracks like "Rape" and "Never Stop the Madness" are presenting the darkest and the most angry side of this band, and some other tracks like "As This Beautiful Cancer Grows" and "The Aura of Misery" are displaying more dynamic and more flexible musical structures. The great influences of this record are painting every riff perfectly and covering the drumming and the vocals with strength and capability against the rough and the merciless sound of the guitars. The sound of the bass is swallowed by the production, but some tracks like "Death Victory" is giving the bass more vital role to overtake the velocity of the flowing riffs.

My favorite tracks in this album are "The Great Planet Killer" and "The Last Breath of This Day" because somehow they contain a lot of Norwegian influences from bands like 1349 and Gorgoroth and Marduk, and the result is really diabolic. Though the Russian black metal scene is full with active and skilled bands, but somehow this band proved to be one of the best black metal bands in Russia with this fascinating record, all the black metal fans around the world will be proud to have a copy for this record because it shows how a modern black metal band can resurrect the real dead sound of the classic black metal music.

At the end, I really recommend this album for all the fans of Taake and Tsjuder, and sure for all the fans of the classic Norwegian black metal scene, because this album have the ability to erase the factor of time from your head and rape your ears with slashing riffs and slamming blast-beats. Get your copy of this record now and enjoy the sound of the pure black metal and forget about all the modern plastic releases that try to imitate the classic black metal sound.


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