JorZine - Cruciamentum


Label: Nuclear Winter Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-12-01

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9/10 9.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 9/10

Highlights:  Every single track is a highlight

There are many death metal bands around the world today have the real old school taste in the structure of their records, such as Dead Congregation and Miasmal and Revel in Flesh, but actually Cruciamentum is somehow different than all of these bands though they also have the same old school death metal roots. The production of this EP is spawned from hell, the layers of the instruments overcoming each other behind the freak tune of the vocals. The guitars flow beneath the sound of the drums creating a huge coat of roughness around the drowning sound of the bass, the whole ambiance embodies the real sound of the 90's death metal art.


This EP contains only four pieces, the first track "Fallen In Disease" is an antique summation of sick and rotten OSDM sound, and it contains a lot of exciting moments of blasting drums and suffocated riffs. The second track "Through Gates Of Morpheus Realms" followed the same fabric of the first track, but with more potent riffs and deeper growling vocals. The track "Thrones Turned To Rust" is the shortest and the fastest piece in this release, the drumming of this track shows a real mixture between the OSDM and the modern death metal sound, which made this song more dynamic and memorable. The latest track "Unsanctified Temples" is the longest track in this record, the stable structure of this track reminded me of the structure that Massacre and Entombed have created before about twenty years, so you can imagine now the beauty of the old school sound that has been granted to this track. The music itself is somehow inspiring, because the twisted riffs of the tracks are creating a very odd atmosphere, and this atmosphere is really satisfying for all the old school death metal fans around the world, the tune of the guitars and the bass is excellent enough to take your breath away.

To be honest, I have no complaint about this album at all, every element in this record has just helped to make this record admirable and exceptional, so this release has been created to blow your ears if you're really a fan of the old school death metal genre. Engulfed In Desolation is a 25 minutes journey full of old and rotten melodies, so if you're following the scene of the new wave of old school death metal music, then you have to own a copy for this album now and forget about all the plastic and the silly modern death metal releases who are capturing the scene nowadays.


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