JorZine - Desecresy


Label: Xtreem Music

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-12-01

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  The Sleep of Titans, Vortex Unwinding

As most of the modern death metal bands are letting the classic influences behind their back, there are many musical groups around the world that cant live without these classic influences and they cant record any music without reflecting these influences within the structure of the songs, one of these groups is the Finnish death metal band Desecresy.

Desecresy has presented the great debut album "Arches of Entropy" before two years, and there are a lot of death metal fans around the world kept their attention toward their second album, and now the band is back with the great full-length album "The Doom Skeptron". As the Finnish extreme metal scene is thriving with a lot of amazing bands in the last decade, the death metal movement misses the classic sound and the taste of the old school death metal because most of the death metal bands there are wearing the dress of melodic death and the melodic death/power numerously. Desecresy is proving for all the old school death metal bands around the world that Finland can also wear the dress of pure death metal with this amazing release.

The Doom Skeptron contains eight tracks full of real pure and classic death metal flavor, some of the tracks are flowing slow riffs and numbing drumming (like the track "The Solemn End), and some tracks like "Declined Resplendence" and "Burial Adorations" are sending shivers of blast-beating drums and killer bass-line to the spine of every listener. Many interesting elements have been placed into this record to make it look genuine and breathtaking, one of these elements is the gorgeous balance between the roughness of the melodies and the dynamics of the mastering, the tracks like "The Sleep of Titans" and "Vortex Unwinding" are great example for this glamorous balance.

The vocals of this album are deeply influenced by the old school death metal movement, and the bass-lines are vital enough to overtake the sledgehammer sound of the distorted guitars that capture most of the final atmosphere. I would recommend this album for all the fans who love the pure death metal music that doesn't need so much progressiveness and melodies to sound perfect, and I would also recommend this album for all those who are into the modern old school death metal movement that tries to restore the original death metal sound of the early 90s.

Overall, this album is a solid piece of classicism and intensity, if you are ready to put a lot of killer death metal riffs inside your ears then you have to get a copy for this album right now. I will be keeping my eyes on this band for the future, and I hope they will record more genuine and hammering riffs in the next releases.


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