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Litrosis - I am death


Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-01

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The vocalist of Savatage did guest vocals in a black metal album? are you dreaming? actually its not a dream, its a piece of fact, take a deep breath and try swallow this stick inside your stomach because it was a shock for me too. I've been really a fan of the Greek extreme metal scene for a long time, especially for the bands Rotting Christ and for Septic Flesh, and here's Litrosis is presenting the great symphonic black metal record "I am death" for all the fans of the black metal fans.

Its really hard to describe the musical style of this record with words, because really words fail to describe the toughness and the beauty of the melodies that I've heard here, especially the speed guitar solos and the progressive keyboards. What really caught my attention about this album is the guest vocals that have been done by the great vocalist "Zak Stevens" (who has been the vocalist of the legend metal band Savatage) in the amazing track "In the grave you go alone". Actually I cant hide my irritation about the production that I really didn't like, especially the dry sound of the drums, in my point of view I think this album and this performance deserve better production and higher quality. despite of the upsetting production, I really loved every single touch the band have put in this record, feel free to join this journey and start discovering this beauty. 

The general sound have crossed the borders of the black metal genre and reached somewhere more majestic and grand, especially the keyboards that covered the symphonic parts so well and went beyond the limits to be more progressive and attractive, the progressive touches of the keyboards can be heard in the tracks "Soulcide" and "I am death". The lead guitar is a great story to tell in this record, because the fast solos that encounter the sharp edges of the sound are really precious and they add more progressive existence to the tracks, you can hear the insane guitar solos in the tracks "Countless Wounds" and "Insomniac's Lullaby" to understand what I really mean. The sound of the rhythm guitar wasn't not rough enough to catch my attention, maybe because the crispiness of the production that gave the guitars a fragile sound and distorted the beauty of the vocals. The acoustic guitar has also found its role in this record to add more colors to the whole portrait, creating charming and memorable moments, you can hear the charming acoustic guitar intro of the song "Soulcide" to know how the acoustic guitar can create chambers of majesty into the black metal structure. 

Some tracks like "Bloodred Desert Plain" start with the sound of the bass to show the fans how vital and energetic is the fabric of the tracks and to show every black metal fan that there are a lot of hidden beauty is hiding behind the distortion of the guitars. The drumming actually is one of my favorite elements in this record, but I cant hide my hate against the production that made the sound of the drums annoying and disturbing. As you can see, there are a lot of interesting elements in this record, and the overall songwriting is just epic, the chemical mixing between the black metal elements and the progressive elements is burning in this record, especially when the elements of power metal also have been added in some tracks like "In the grave you go alone", there are a lot of things to be discovered in this record. 

All the fans of Rotting Christ and Septic Flesh must be celebrating the creation of a new excellent band that follow the same successful path. If you are searching for a black metal release that doesn't follow the rule of the standard black metal sound, then this release will just blow your mind and will be dominating your metal library for years and years, but if you are searching for a standard black metal sound then this release is not for you. This record is one of the best extreme metal releases of this year, because simply the band managed to sum up the elements of the black metal and the elements of the progressive\power metal together in one cup, if this is your cup of tea too, then cheers. 


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