JorZine - Putrified J - The Last Harvest

Putrified J - The Last Harvest

Label: Ghastly Music

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-12-01

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7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 9/10 7/10

Highlights:  Soul Vomit, Suffer

As the internet today is giving the opportunity to millions of metal fans around the world to discover a lot of metal bands, it's also giving the opportunity to the musicians to work together to create such an arranged and masterminded music, one of these bands is the brutal metal band "Putrified J".

Putrified J has been formed in 2008 by Jason (from Belgium) and Wes (from Canada), and the band has released its debut album "Misery" in 2010 and the guys continued their brutal journey with the brutal full-length album "The Last Harvest". The performance of the band is distributed between the guys somehow equally, Jason is responsible for the deep brutal and the Pig Squeal vocals and the drumming and the mixing, Wes is responsible for doing all the guitar works, so the sound of the whole album is complete only with these two members.

The total sound that the band tried to create is really murderous, all these fast and lashing guitar riffs are managed to wear the tight dress of the drumming perfectly, and the vocals have just gave another distant dimension for the overall atmosphere to make everything sick and killer. The album contains 14 killer brutal tracks, each one of these tracks shows a real hideous side of this band, and a lot of tracks reflect real sickness and fury (such as the tracks "Soul Vomit" and "Suffer"). A lot of catchy samples have been added to the tracks to make the atmosphere of the album more realistic and real, and you can hear those samples clearly in the tracks "Contagium" and "The Anthem". The artwork of the album is really sick and its one of the reasons why I insisted to review this album.

Many people around the world will enjoy listening to these fascinating and sick tracks, especially the loyal fans of the American bands Napalm Death and Lock Up, and somehow the riffs of this album reminded me a lot of the killer riffs that the Finnish band Rotten Sound always make. This album somehow have the ability to force your neck to headbang, because the amount of energy that has been added to this album is enough to change your mood completely, but my only complaint about this album is the lack of the lead guitar melodies and the killer solos, though the structure of the tracks are stable without the lead guitar melodies but adding them also gives more stability and brutality to the tracks.

If you are into the sick and the gory side of the death metal music, then you have a great journey to live inside this album, you will totally lose yourself in these slamming riffs. I recommend this album for the fans of Napalm Death since the texture of the riffs and the structure of the songwriting are somehow comparable, especially the gory moments. Get your copy of the record "The Last Harvest" now and enjoy the real taste of rotten death metal melodies and the impure and insane vocals.


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