JorZine - Nycticorax - Anima Tenebrarum

Nycticorax - Anima Tenebrarum

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-12-01

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6/10 5/10 5.5/10 8/10 6.5/10

Highlights:  I hate you

It was the first time for me to listen to an extreme metal band from Latvia, though the great cold location of this country, the inspiration of the extreme metal musicians wast not enough for them to produce enough extreme and memorable metal releases, so here is the black metal act Nycticorax has given a lot of efforts to produce the full-length album "Anima Tenebrarum".

Nycticorax released two full-length albums before this record, but the production and the mixing of this album is somehow better and more dynamic. The wicked sound of the bass streams violently behind the high-gained rhythm guitars as the sound of the drums is shy and concealed behind the the guitars. Nycticorax has managed to create ten tracks, two instrumental tracks and eight black metal pieces full of energy and vicious vocals. The tempo of the tracks is alternating to reflect many themes, the rapid tempo and the blast-beating drums have been created to reflect the anger and the wrath, while the slower tempo and the crawling sound of the bass have been created to reflect the gloom and the atmospheric influences of the early 90s black metal sound.

The first three songs (which have been titled in Russian) have a lot of strength and mightiness in term of the sound, but I really expected to hear a lot of melodies and an active lead guitar, but these tracks left me hungry for melodies. The vocals are strong but I didn't feel that they fit the whole sound sometimes, especially when the high notes fail and cases a fatal drop. The drumming actually is very good and the bass-line is really active and full of fury more than the guitars, so if you put the high-pitches of the vocals aside and added more lead guitar lines and more melodies the tracks will become better and flawless.

The second side of the album contained three English songs "I hate you" and "Rise" and "True life", these tracks have interesting elements and some flaws, though I had a comment before about the lack of guitar solos, but the solos in "I hate you" have completely destroyed the atmosphere of the track when they rose from the silence. There are some strong tracks in this record despite of the flaws that I have found in the lead guitar and in the songwriting, tracks like "Rise" shows a lot of majestic black metal influences and many adorable moments.

To be honest, this release isn't cooked well, though there are a lot of delicious and many tasty moments inside the tracks, but the overall release has somehow been pushed early. If you have the urge to discover new black metal bands from all over the world (and especially the unpopular metal countries) then you have to discover this album and find your own delicious parts. If you are a black metal fan who adores the true sound of the pure black metal without the sound of the keyboards, then this album also will satisfy your need.


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