JorZine - Svyatogor


Label: Svarga Music

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-12-01

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8/10 8.5/10 9/10 9/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Awoke Incoming, Inevitability

If you're searching for a a record that has the ability to swallow your attention with its deeply epic, symphonic, and experimental influences, then you have to give the Ukrainian black metal band Svyatogor a listen. The new album "Doctor Veritas" that has been released by Svarga Music contains a lot of melodic and atmospheric elements that can pull you out from your world and capture your whole imagination.

The experimental black metal is one of my favorite metal sub-genres of all time, because this style simply can combine all violent black metal elements and all the atmospheric metal elements with the jazzy and classical heavy metal influences together, that's the reason why most of the bands that have this metal style are creating complex music structure, and most of the fans around the world have noticed this while listening to the records of the bands Deathspell Omega and Blut Aus Nord. Svyatogor has managed to combine a lot of musical themes and mixed them down with the brutality of the black metal fragments to be classified as "experimental black metal", and though this kind of music is the most difficult heavy metal genre to define and describe, Svyatogor described this genre with the beauty of this record.


This record contains ten tracks full of atmospheric and melodic environment every instrument shows a dynamic role of creating a natural experimental music. The production of the album has enforced the sound of the guitars and let the sound of the drums raw and not cooked sometimes, that's why the sound of the drums in the tracks "The Manifesto" and "AwokeIncoming" can burst open your imagination for moments when the drumming gets fast and brutal. Though there so many vocal techniques in this record, but somehow all the recorded vocal parts fit the texture of the tracks perfectly and add a lot of experimental feeling to the environment of the tracks, you can check the tracks "Octor Veritas" and "Nor Fire, Nor Sword" to discover some of the vocal techniques that have been used.

The usage of the the saxophone this album helped to create better musical depth to essence of the tracks, the tracks "Reincarnation of Thoughts" and "La Concupiscence" for example puts the sound of the saxophone in a place where it can rape your attention. The melodic lead guitar works and the fast riffing of the rhythm guitar are responsible for the brutality of the tracks, the solos in tracks like "Spit And Forget" and "Inevitability" present a lot of heavy metal influences, which gave this record more glimmering sound. The sound of the bass guitar transparent, and this is a good point for this instrument because it granted the tracks deeper musical dimension and more dynamic and floating bassy existence.

The overall levels of technical complexity of this record have the ability to make the melodies of this album memorable for every black metal listener, so if you consider yourself a black metal fan then you have to give this album a listen now. This album is not recommended for the listeners who search for pure black metal records and old school black metal style, because this record simply is a summation of musical styles. If you are ready to blow your ears with this experimental atmosphere, then get your copy of this album now.


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