JorZine - Munruthel - Epoch of Aquarius

Munruthel - Epoch of Aquarius

Label: Svarga Music

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-12-01

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8/10 8/10 9/10 8.5/10 8/10

Highlights:  Epoch of Aquarius, Echo of the Forgotten Battles

I've always believed that the folk metal is one of the hardest metal styles to create, because the composition and the inspiration of the tracks are influenced by the culture and the nature of the musicians, and here is the Ukrainian Munruthel shows how the cultural influences and the effect of the nature can grant him the ability to melt the folk music with the extreme riffing textures to create the album "Epoch Of Aquarius".


The melodic lines and the classic folk sound have been erupted from the mind of the multi-instrumentalist Munruthel to give the world of folk metal a memorable release, his participation in more than 30 albums grew his ability to paint the whole global metal scene with huge folkloristic flavor. The session musicians who participated in this album helped to give the whole sound more metallic and rough experience, the sound of the acoustic guitars and the dreamy flute sound stream in the veins of the album to give it more hazy and professional feelings. The vocal techniques are full of folk inspiration and actually they helped to make this record more interesting and it helped to cleanse every boring moment that could have been existed in this record.

The progressive moments and the black metal influences also have painted the sound of the instruments to push the production forward to create more beautiful progressive melodies and violent blast beating sections. The quality of the compositions and the quality of the production are colliding dynamically to reflect the inspiration of nature, and this is clear when the sound of the guitars float upon the sound of the keyboards to case the harsh vocals that gave a lot of realistic roughness to the whole sound. There are a lot of solid folk metal albums around the world that have the same elements of this record, but this record is somehow more enjoyable and memorable than any other release, because of the exciting experience that have the power to taint your imagination with folkish colors.

There are a lot of storming grim metal riffs that can steal away your attention as an extreme metal fan, and there are a lot of technical solos that give rival spirit to every track, so if you consider yourself a folk metal fan then you have to live this experience right now. The re-issue of this record is meant to support the incoming full-length album that I think it will be an epic album, so if you're not into the world of this talented musician, then you have the chance now to swim inside this big amount of folkish and tough riffs.


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