JorZine - Velocidad Absurda - Inexorably Doomed

Velocidad Absurda - Inexorably Doomed

Label: Hecatombe Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-12-01

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7.5/10 8/10 7/10 9/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Abiotic Abyss, Doomed To Extinction

One of the first things that can really catch your attention about a brutal death metal album is the gory and the sick artwork, and this is exactly what happened to me when I first looked at the album "Inexorably Doomed To Cataclysm" for the Spanish brutal death metal band Velocidad Absurda. If you are ready for a real bloody and savage metal journey, then you have to discover this record now.

The hammering blast-beating drums and the complex brutish guitars of this record continued the previous wild journey of the last full-length album "Reborn For the Extermination", but now the production and the wicked sound of the drums are louder and they are clear enough to cut your ears with this amount of bestial riffs. The nine tracks of this record are recalling the the original brutal death metal sound of the bands Vile and Deeds Of Flesh and Skinless, and the gory atmosphere of the tracks here reminds me of the atmosphere that I always had when I was listening to the early album of the Belgian Aborted.

As I was losing myself in the sickness of the butchery of the artwork, my ears was flowing blood by the roughness of the tracks, many tracks like "Abiotic Abyss" and "Dehumanizing The Masses" have filled me with brutal death metal orgasm and a very powerful and mighty anger. Many tracks in this record contain a balanced usage of melodies and roughness in the songwriting, that's why most of the tracks like "Origin Of The Cataclysm" and "Dawn In The World Burning With Napalm" are really catchy and memorable. Every track inside this record shows a great and vital bass-lines and a wide range of drumming, the lightness of the drumming lightened the passages between the riffs perfectly.

There are a lot of brutal death metal bands nowadays, but most of them lack the real gory touch that can be found by the inspiration, that's why the bloody atmosphere that Velocidad Absurda are creating is somehow catchy and gory beyond the limits. This record proves that the extreme metal movement of Spain is getting better and better, there are a lot of skillful Spanish groups and Velocidad Absurda is one of these groups who try to spread their extreme music to every place in the world.

Though I hate to compare bands with each others, but this record is recommended for all the fans of Skinless and Aborted, because the same bloody inspiration do exist in these bands equally. If you consider yourself as one of the brutal death metal freaks, then you must have a copy for this record now and start discovering the massacre that has been inserted to every track in this record. This record is not recommended for the fans who search for melodic death metal tracks, because this record can simply bury you alive with its volcanic vehemence.


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