JorZine - My Enemy Inside - EP

My Enemy Inside - EP

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Thousand Sons - 2012-07-04

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7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10

Highlights:  Five Days of Hate

Although I usually refuse EPs/Demos with less than four songs, but I had to bend the rules for this band. These guys are fairly good. My Enemy Inside presents us with a mix of Hardcore/Metal, their sound is much closer to that of HateBreed which is a hybrid between HC and Metal than to the usual Metalcore band. And more than that they mix that HateBreed style with some Metalcore and punk elements.


The music is fast paced, urban and full of anger and rage. I wouldn't risk to consider it as the most outstanding sound in it's ambient, however My Enemy Inside do a pretty good job. And I ,personally, would love to see more bands doing this type of music, it is a mix that works perfectly and a good sound track to play on your angry days when you consider taking your baseball bat out of your car and head back to your work place for a tet-a-tet with your soon to be ex-boss.


When handling demos I do not expect much when it comes to production, and the production here is above mediocre but far from top-notch. However it is clear and audiable without any over-gauging on the bass or mid-range. An overall good job.


This Demo has only three tracks (two songs and an intro), which poses a technical problem to this review, I cannot give it a final vote out of 7(for that I would require at least four tracks not including an intro) but I know for fact that My Enemy Inside have composed and preformed other songs.


1- Intro-spective: a jeu des mots. A short intro to this demo. Claustrophobic, bleak and ambient -like intro. Very interesting. Personally, this intro somehow reminds me of Free Us From Temptation found on Pestilence's Testimony Of The Ancients.


2- Something To Reorder: Metalcore-ish, break-downs and the works with hints of Swede-Core and Hardcore in the mix. Recomended for massive mosh-pitting.


3- Five Days of Hate: More Hardcore oriented. The vocals ,although well executed, could use more power in this track for a more devestating effect.


Final Vote: W.V (Without Vote), but only for technical reasons adhering to Jorzine's vote norms. However My Enemy Inside proves to be a solid formation. And I can't wait for a more elaborate demo or EP with ,perhaps, better overall production value.


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