JorZine - RazorWyre - Coming Out

RazorWyre - Coming Out

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Thousand Sons - 2012-07-04

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7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10

Highlights:  Operation Market Garden

The EP's cover features the band breaking out of a closet to scare a child in his bedroom, this united with the EP's title,Coming Out, and the band's previous monicker: Gaywyre, gives quite a clear idea of the humor involved and Jorzine gets it.

What we have here is a five piece EP of Thrash/Heavy that lays on the borderline between bands like Judas Priest, Rage, Anthrax, Armored Saint and Iron Maiden. The main issue with this EP is the production with it's dense mid-range tonalities which makes the tracks sound like something produced back in the 80's, making it sound old and worn out. The tracks themselves, are divided between Anthrax-like, Judas Priest riffage, Maiden gallops and solos all in one track. The way the songs are architected recalls Rage and their musical solutions. Which results in a rather interesting, but highly unoriginal and already-heard mix of tribute-like Thrash/HM. The vocals ,very versatile, on the other hand are a straight out mix of the best vocal styles of the 80's shifting from King Diamond like falsettos to high pitched vocals to clear vocals.

Even though Razorwyre present great musical capacities it is the mix that results little convincing and worn out. But this would work fine to the nostalgic metal fans, and RazorWyre give us the impression that that was exactly the point behind their activity and there is no reason to bash these guys for that; the songs are power-packed and energetic just like old school Thrash/HM songs and overall we have a cool and fun EP on our hands. And this was taken into consideration.


1- Battleshark: Heavy, slow and straight 80's thrash presenting a job well done on the backing vocals. There is a certain part that reminds me of Iced Earth styled riffs from their SWTWC epoch, uncanny? An Iron Maiden-like solo with bits of Judas Priest.


2- Fuck You Tonight: This is one phrase that I haven't written in my daily agenda for sometime now driving me to reflect upon my non-existing sexual life. More of the Rage formula is present in this track, high pitched vocals. Fun but redundant with the repeating chorus resulting in a no-brainer . Again the Iron Maiden solo pops in.


3- Operation Market Garden: Double guitars riff in the beginning of this track, much of Judas Priest of their Painkiller period with the Kim Bendix Petersen falsetto vocals that pop in a few times, some registered in-track samples of fully-automatic gun fire. Appreciated.


4- Party Of Five: Another fun no brainer, reflecting the philosophy behind Razorwyre. Good riffs and solos ,Brave New World solo and the chorus that highly reminds me of Mr. Dickinson's well renowned style. Not bad.


5- Suspiria: Not the cover of Caludio Simonetti's Suspiria which was composed as the theme song for Dario Argento's horror movie of the same name. However, this track is directly inspired by the Dario Argento movie and carries on the same theme. I believe that some of the samples used at the end of this track were taken from the movie, although not being a Dario Argento's trash-horror fan I cannot be sure. The vocals shift from high pitched tones to clean thrash vocals. And as most of the songs in this album, after a certain point the song just turns from the Anthrax formula to the Iron Maiden gallop. Not the apex of originality however it proves to be a fun track to listen to. (wait a minute... Rage, Accept, Dario Argento, Demoni?! Darn! This is giving me a head spin! This calls for an article!)


Would I be interested in their full album? In the Jordanian slang we have a nice definition of such results , Salata, meaning Salad. This is a salad (mix) of the best of riffs, solos and vocal styles of many famous bands. The result is enjoyable and the musicianship involved cannot be criticized negatively. But just as salad is not the main course, neither is this EP. Meaning: this would do fine if I ,or any other listener, were nostalgic for that 80's sound, but it's not the best of what is out there.

On the other hand this is fun, and it leaves you light hearted and joyful leaving a positive impression in one's head. I wouldn't buy the album but I'd love to see these guys play live. This band gets two thumbs up from me.

Am I looking forward for their next release? Yes. I like the effect that RazorWyre (their logo ,by the way, looks very similar to that of Raven) has had on me.


Final Vote:5 / 7 for RazorWyre's Coming Out (hahahaha). I must admit that it was rather hard giving them a vote since they are far from original but that is exactly what they were aiming for and they delivered a very decent product at the end of it.


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