JorZine - Ammonal - Beginning Of The End Of Everything

Ammonal - Beginning Of The End Of Everything

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Thousand Sons - 2012-06-07

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7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10

Highlights:  You'll Never See You'll Never Know

Ammonal... what we have on our hands is not an easy listen, and a rather limited attempt at Melodeath. The production is splendid. The general formula is identical to that adopted by the horde of Melodeath bands that incorporate keyboards, but to be honest; Ammonal do try to be less homogenous (borderlining with progressive) in their compositions than other bands and some parts are even somewhat innovative, which on the other hand makes it hard to get your groove on. Ammonal try to be flexible with their sound however that is the same issue which makes this demo so amorphous so as to limit the enjoyment of giving it a spin. It's not the brightest star on the horizon and remains classified as a nice attempt.

The guitars vary between melodic clean and heavily distorted and take on almost most of the recognizable tones in that sound prism. The lead guitar sounds somewhat weak in some parts The keyboards have some interesting parts and actually all the instruments have ,more or less, an intelligible solo during the songs. Perhaps it is only my impression but the influences of early In Flames albums are rather evident in this demo (Lunar Strain/Subterranean and such) The musicianship is there and in plain sight for all to see, however this band has yet to define itself and find it's proper sound if they succeed they might have better reviews. But until now the sound that Ammonal spit out maybe versatile but it is far from being personal or distinct.

The vocals and texts should be "further developed" and "taken care"of in a much better fashion. And the continuous use of "fuck" and it's derivatives does not provide anything of interest to the seasoned listener, and the form "Fuck to..." doesn't exist in the English language nor in slang (the excuse of being Italian is not to be considered valid).

Reading the following phrase caused me an auto-annihilation of nearly ten thousand brain cells, I bow my head to their courage and sacrifice (you have been warned):

"And I am trying to become what I am"

This is a question that relentlessly keeps surfacing in my mind (or what has remained of it after the session of pointless pondering): Why sing and write in English when one's linguistic capabilities fall short of excellent? And how would anybody take a band seriously that sings in the most abhorring mutations of the language?

To be honest I would have wanted to write down a track by track review for this demo, and I tried several times to do that, but I didn't want to get technical with this demo.

A highlight of this demo would be the fifth track:

Fucking Blues: Manson-ite, or more accurately, similar to John 5's heavy blues style without all the “guitar hero” virtuosity. Rather interesting keyboard interventions inclusive of Wha-pedal abuse. An overall interesting track and totally diverse than the rest of the Gothe-metal present in this demo.

Would I be interested in buying this (if it were an album)? Not really, Ammonal still have to define what they are going after. Their tentatives at variety are highly appreciated and are rather genuine in their essence.

Would I be interested in their next issue? I must admit that I would like to see how this band develops in the future. This demo was a nice attempt, but Ammonal are not the best out there. And they still needs developments and lots hard work when it comes to composition.

Final Vote: 4.5 / 7 Not bad, but needs a lot of work when it comes to defining the musical identity and the sound scope at hand. But the hard work behind this demo is highly appreciated by Jorzine.


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