JorZine - Voice Of The Soul - Eyes Of Deceit EP

Voice Of The Soul - Eyes Of Deceit EP

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2012-06-01

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  The Light That Never Shone

How do you start listening to a new band? Usually, fans read some reviews, word of mouth, or just by searching within the band list of the genre they love. Sometimes there are some other ways, for example; record labels. Personally, I consider Season Of The Mist and The End Records as trademarks of good quality, but we lack such things in our scene. But things have started to change, Sarj's Studio in Kuwait had raised the bar on music and recording quality. So it was no wonder for me after hearing Benevolent's debut EP, to dig up more of Sarj’s Studio releases, and sheesh! I found a plenty of good stuff, and Voice of the Soul is one of them rating at the top of the list.

Voice Of The Soul aren't new comers, they had already released an EP last year entitled Winds of Apprehension. Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to have it and give it a listen, but from our site's review and the tracks on their myspace page it sounds like a good kick off, which puts more pressure on the band with their next effort. Because the band is expected to give new ideas, and prove themselves that they are not just a one shot band, and Voice of The Soul were successful with that.

Eyes of the Deceit, although it is just another four songs EP, still it shows a really good progression when it comes to the band's sound from their previous EP, no cover songs this time, just originals, some new elements added to the mix and a real epic song at the end.

The four songs are solid Melodic Death tunes with some Doom touches, especially in the second half of the EP, and Kareem Chehayeb (guitar) continues to mesmerize us with his kick ass solos and melodies. While Monish Shringi keeps delivering his smooth bass lines and this time he even went over board on some of the riffing duties on this record.

Highlight of the EP, besides the talent of Kareem Chehayeb on guitars for sure, is the end epic song “The Light That Never Shone”, was quite a surprise, with Sarj lending his haunting clean vocals, and the slow intro, the song sounds like a Funeral Doom Metal for a moment, I can recall some Ahab tunes over here.

For the production quality, I had already started off my review mentioning how Sarj’s Studio had built its reputation of putting out solid releases, so I can’t say anything more. It’s high quality music where everything is recorded well, and if there is to complain about is the absence of a real drums.

Now, VotS, that’s it, we are done with your EPs, give us an album, and put some one behind the drums, to get rid of the programmed ones.

It's a very solid and enjoyable EP that took Voice of the Soul to another level, that will make us anticipate the return of the two master minds behind VotS to blast us with another release. I hope that the following release is going to be a full-length album.


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