JorZine - BOUQ - Breserk

BOUQ - Breserk

Label: Horned Helmet Productions

Reviewer: Ramzi Essayed - 2012-08-01

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9.5/10 9.5/10 9.5/10 9.5/10 9.5/10

Highlights:  Heathen, Jormungander

BOUQ, the one man band from Jordan ,a country that took a place on the metal world map, gave us a new album to blow our mind! BOUQ is the 2nd name in the band's career (was previously named as PHEX) after releasing 2 full length albums and one official demo.


heir latest release BERSERK is just an amazing WEIRD album, a mix of dark black metal, barbaric influence and dark melodies! the album starts with the track "The Grand Raven Feast" you can feel brutality in a new sound… its wicked and deep, amazing work on guitars, the track changes  in an unpredictable way which is hard these days, Desrever Alumrof Ecnetsixe is the second track giving the listener the feeling of "whats going on!" great mix of drums variety, wicked tunes not what you expect from a death metal band.

Jormungander, one of my personal favorite tracks, how weird can things get? A mix of great keyboard and guitars, the vocals take you far from the norm, the blast beats in the right place automatically get your head moving! Then it gets atmospheric, a “track with everything” this is what i call it. And for the fans of shred, this track gives you what you want in the end.

Nature's Cult is what wakes you up and sends you back to the barbaric era. Eidolon is on my favorite list as well, nothing but head banging comes to my mind, then comes my top favorite track! Heathen; dark keyboard intro, then the tribal war hails just before you break your neck! Just imagine this song LIVE, the keyboard work is great, guitars, drums and vocals are perfect, this is track is just over 8 minutes long yet great!

Wrath of a Warrior's Soul with its weird and unexpected chorus voices, blast and fast riffing brings darkness into my mind, the album ends with Of Ragnarök the war comes again, the sound of victory, another track to break a neck!

BOUQ is Muhannad Bursheh on all instruments, lyrics and music composing such an effort made me proud. The keyboards in most of the tracks are composed and recorded by Waseem Essayed from BILOCATE and Muhannad Bursheh. Jormungander features a solo by Rami Haikal from BILOCATE as well, recorded at Horned Helmet Studios in Amman, Jordan. Mixed and mastered by Muhannad Bursheh himself. The quality is great and exceeded my expectations.


BERSERK is dark, atmospheric, fast and very weird. The album is recommend to any metal fan.


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