JorZine - Binding Shade - Rendering Void EP

Binding Shade - Rendering Void EP

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2012-07-04

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7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10

Highlights:  Abysmal Reminiscence

The new Melodic Death metal band, Binding Shade, is one of newest additions to the Jordanian metal scene, and those guys started to build their reputation within the scene through very solid steps. They started a Facebook page and kept it updated professionally, like any big name of the metal world, chose an attractive name and logo, and with band promo pictures took in a very prof-way, these guys already attracted me, and sounded very promising.

And when we took a deep look at their debut, Rendering Void EP, we will find that our expectations had been met.

This start from the artwork cover, just another proof of how serious this band is with their work, a really creative piece of art, and selected perfectly from the works and designs of a Dutch artist: Kees Bottenberg.

Although the EP has only two tracks: Abysmal Reminiscence & Paroxysm of Emptiness, it still gives a nice formula of Melodic Death Metal. But don’t except so much originality, you will even find that there are close in structure, with the second track having more creativity. But thats still sound great for a debut, two tracks EP.

One of my favorite highlights in the EP, is the notable chemistry between Darem Aqrabawi & Ja'far Jamal on the guitars, I believe the duo had succeeded to deliver a classic combination of melodic metal riffs and solos “almost” on the same level of the international genre veterans.

Regardless of the EP rough production, yet, It don't have many of the “odds”, that may found in such types of releases, and irritate the ears. In general, the audio quality is not that bad for an internet-free release demo EP.

As for the lyrics, the band continues to impress us with awesome writings of Ahmad "Belial" Alhour, the band's vocalist.

In the end, Binding Shade had made a solid base with this release, and that make us anticipate a solid full-length in the near future, I hope that they will not disappoint us.

Rating: W.V (for Jorzine's rating standards): A really good demo, and gona make us wait for Binding Shade next release, with hope it will had more songs, and a clearer production.


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