JorZine - Cold Body Radiation - The Great White Emptiness

Cold Body Radiation - The Great White Emptiness

Label: Dusktone Productions

Reviewer: Jorzine - 2012-08-01

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7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10 7.5/10

Highlights:  Endless Purity, White light and The Great White Emptiness

I love the situations where listening to albums helps you perceive sensations of cold, solitude, melancholy, majesty, just in less than an hour, especially when it happens in the middle of the winter season, where the mixture of colors and physical sensations weave the dream into reality.....
Behind of monicker Cold Body Radiation there's a single man called M. who plays all the instruments as a factotum of the opera. Cold Body Radiation come from Netherlands and with their first full length album they make their perfect entrance into the branch of experimental Black Metal, contaminated by elements of Shoegaze and even moments of fine Mogwai styled Post-Rock.
The Great White Emptiness is a simple album in its matrix of elements, but strongly effective when it comes to sounds, cadenced but never static, soft although brutal. It throws to memory masterpieces like Heart of Ages, made by In The Woods.

The album's purely acoustic parts alternate to symphonic black metal, jumping from moments in which plots of guitars gently embrace the listener (listen to Emission or Radiation to realize that particular) forming beautiful interludes of quietness evolving to moments of symphonic old school Black Metal. Where an ordinary band could fall into monotony by simply creating tedious and repetitive Black Metal songs; this release takes the right road thanks to the great inspirations of Mr M. in playing various and fresh songs without any artifice or strange instruments, or an unnecessary technical support that the genre doesn't require.

Each song seems a framework, with a background based on guitars, sketches of screams coming from the distance and bass parts that draws bright tones.
The main element is the keyboard plain of the soundscape , which results to be really awesome, the master touch, a brush stroke to the framework that really succeeds to impress ,in the observer/listener's head, old and new sensations far from the nowadays mediocrity.

This release doesn't stand out for its originality, but for the harmony inside

I will not review this album track by track since I will be offering a quick overview and because i want to make a description based on the genre played on this album; Emission and Radiation are the most Post-Rock oriented, the first is the intro of the album, nevertheless not a simple track. But a nice 3 minute Post-Rock song. The latter is the gem of the opera, where vocal parts become breathed and everything is perfect, the keyboard work is excellent and Black Metal outbursts are fully incorporated in the track's scenario.

Loss , Silver and Nothing go back to Black Metal, flavored with keyboard melodies glacial and sick, that remind of the first Manes' works or the first Bloodline album Werewolf Training; three monuments, for those who like the genre.
To our surprise we have 3 tracks ;Endless Purity, White light and The Great White Emptiness that incorporate a slower black metal, in which the imagery of landscapes, endless ice plains appear around the listener, thanks to keyboards and valuable bass lines.

This is music for a travel, like compilations sold on the TV, but for black metallers and post-rockers that are more opened to other genres. Cold body radiation...great work!


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