JorZine - Beriths Legion - Promo 2010

Beriths Legion - Promo 2010

Label: Self-released

Reviewer: Thousand Sons - 2012-08-01

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9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10

Highlights:  Mirror Of Phobias, When The Body Turns Cold

The first thing that I deem necessary to underline is the very young age of the memebers of Berith's Legion, really young guys that propone us a Melo/Tech DeathCore which does tend to impress disregarding the age group of the band.

Berith's Legion come out with this Demo/Promo wreaking and destroying everything in their paths with melodic passages and hammering down technical riffs and sweeps. This is not a band to underestimate and are very pleasurable to hear, mixing the heavy DeathCore riffing and voice with just the ritgh ammount of Melody. Even though the genres are completely different but one cannot but see the Dark Tranquility side of the formula involved in the fatigue.

I was warned that this demo had a low production quality by the members of the band. However I haven't found it to be so bad, the production quality is pretty good for a promo, and honestly I wouldn't be expecting anything better from a new-entry. Everything is well recorded and clear, the quality is pretty good. However I have had some trouble to get this CD to play on my Kenwood, and had to borrow my friend's Sony to make this CD run. It seems as if the CD was copied as a DATA cd and not an Audio CD. Anyway...

Break-downs, growls, pig squeals and lots of violence seeps out of the speakers here, not bad at all, very speedy and might appeal to the more melodic-exigent sector of metal listeners. So if you are looking for something Heavy, Violent, Modern and Melodic check these guys out!

This promo moves along the lines of Brain Drill, the less technical All Shall Perish and some elements of more Melodic bands.

Now let's see why these guys show no mercy in the track by track review:

    When The Body Turns Cold: No intros, no bullshit. The boys make their entrance and state their business right from the the start. This track is melodic and perhaps one the the most melodic in the CD. Very pleasurable, even though everything inside it builds up to explode straight in your face this is not actually as dark ,musically speaking, as the title might suggest.

    Mirror Of Phobias: A much darker and less melodic song than the opening track, it sort of reminds one of Heaven Shall Burn's atmosphere. Although, not up to the title track when it comes to the vocals, it does have some pig squeals but the vocals have just a bit less impact that the first song. Still a very interesting song.

    Near The Scavenger: Melodic returns, old At The Gates style as it is given heavy aerial support by the sweeps of the guitar and a nice guttural vocal performance. Probably the little highlight of this promo.

    Treads On Everything: Reminds me of The Human Abstract with it's classical approach to the construct. In fact if it weren't for the different vocal and some other points I would have a few seconds of doubt if it were them, in a certain segment Berith's Legion go all Messugah. Not bad at all, not bad at all. In fact this promo is quite good from all prospects.

This promo might not be the northen star of originality, but sure is pretty near that. Not bad at all! And we at the Jorzine Editorial team don't make convenient compliments. This promo is well composed, well recorded and is fairly entertaining to listen to, not to mention that it is always a pleasure to see young dudes breaking out their gear and doing something amazing.

Final Vote: 4.5/5.

Would I buy the album: Sure as hell I will!


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