JorZine - RAM Battle Middle East 2011

RAM Battle Middle East 2011

Label: RAM Battle

Reviewer: Ramzi Essayed - 2012-08-01

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Most of the show was amazing

[Check out the full RAM Battle Middle East: In Depth Report, in our online magazine, DARK VOICES, over here.]

It’s a great night since it started; the club was packed with fans, metal supporters and bands. The whole atmosphere indicated the hellish night all were expecting.

Judges were ready, bands were energized by the audience and on time the first band “Revelerz – Alternative rock from Kuwait” kicked off it was a tough challenge to start the night and am sure they were pressured, they had some technical issues and they could have performed better but over all we enjoyed their set, Revelerz needed to engage the audience more and work on their stage performance but its understandable considering the fact they didn’t know what to expect facing a new audience for the first time.

Freefall “Progressive rock from Kuwait” came second and they managed to wow the crowed with their original tunes and creative musical approach the band played a tight set and everyone enjoyed watching them, they played a cover for Porcupine Tree – Open Car I was impressed as its always hard to cover PT but Freefall managed to do it right! Great stuff.

UAE based metalcore band “Coat of Arms” the winners of the first RAM battle came third and I knew why they won the first battle the guys are really great on stage, audience and judges loved their set, they were dynamic, energetic and crazy, for their style they managed to meet all our expectations. What amazed me is the drummer, he really enjoyed playing and if you gave him a mic he will be singing while drumming. Very nice sense of music.

The female fronted Iranian metal band 5grs came next and the night just got better the guys knew what they want and how to deliver it to the fans, I was amazed by their set and their music and considering that it’s the first time for their vocalist to play live with the band she did great…the fans were jumping its like they know all their tracks from before.

5grs gave us a taste of whats coming next… Explode - Progressive thrash metal – Iran managed to even take the crowed into another Iranian trip, it was one of the best performances I’ve seen in RAM battle the guys knew how to play their instruments and be creative, the music was played perfectly and the band timing was very tight… front man and vocals showed great skills on guitars as well as singing.

Iran kept us in the mood when UndergroundDream - Metal/Hard rock - Iran started and also kept everyone engaged, the band performed well but they need to work more on their original music signature they played the style very well but I did not notice the creative aspect in their music, for sure they have enough skills to blow us away in the future.

Judges were ready and all scoring sheets were finalized to select the winner, it was a tough decision as many bands scored high but we all agreed that Freefall gave us what we were looking for in a winner… creative music, original music signature, creative use of musical instrument and great stage performance.

Bilocate – Dark Oriental Metal from Jordanheadlined the battle, the set was crazy, audience didn’t want them to stop as it reached 3 am and they were still asking for more, for me as a Bilocate member I want to thank everyone who came and all the bands for their great music it was for sure a night to remember.

I will quote the organizer’s comment about Bilocate to be fare…
“Bilocate as usual were sublime and smashed the sound barrier, with what was one of the best sets we have seen on the Metal Asylum stage.”

The night ended when Freefall were announced as the winners and went home with all the prizes.


Bands: 8.5/10
Sound: 8/10
Organizing: 9/10
Judging criteria: 8/10

Overall: 8.5/10

Reviewer: Ramzi Essayed

[Check out the full RAM Battle Middle East: In Depth Report, in our online magazine, DARK VOICES, over here.]


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