JorZine - Mental Issues 3 in Dubai, UAE

Mental Issues 3 in Dubai, UAE

Label: Rock Nation

Reviewer: Ali Atef - 2012-08-01

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Most of the show was amazing

Band's line-up: White Spade, Story Of Grace, Slave To Fate, Alpha.Kenny.Buddy, Apeira (My band), Soulfuel and finally Billy Bob's Blood Drenched Brew


Over the past few years, the UAE Rock and Metal scene has grown exponentially all thanks to promoters who took the initiative and have given local bands a chance to be able to play their music live and make a name for themselves in the country. One of these promoters is Rock Nation and over the years they have done an amazing job however most shows due to complications, rules and regulations end up being 21+ but Rock Nation brought up a series of events calling it Mental Issues and making it all ages for the bigger audience and the underage bands. After the success of the first two, Nik Uzi put up the 3rd Mental Issues on September 24th 2011 back at the same amazing venue, the music room. The bands on the bill in order were White Spade, Story Of Grace, Slave To Fate, Alpha.Kenny.Buddy, Apeira (My band), Soulfuel and finally Billy Bob's Blood Drenched Brew.

White Spade was fashionably late but they still got on stage making their debut gig on the Music Room stage and they did an amazing job. They covered a Nirvana song towards the end of their gig and got everyone excited. Since they opened the show they didn't have a huge crowd but the people who actually were there showed them a lot of support!

Next up was Story Of Grace, now it was the first time I personally hear this band and honestly I was impressed. They put on a great show and their crowd were going insane. Story Of Grace gets the award of breaking the first neck! Yeah I said it! The first band to get someone to headbang in any show gets this award just so the bands playing in the first few slots don't feel bad!

I was spending a few minutes to rest while listening to some amazing classic tracks by Iron Maiden being played by Tariq, meanwhile the next band Slave To Fate was getting ready to get up on stage. Now I've seen these guys a few months ago when they shared a stage with us at Mental Issues 2 so i was looking forward to them but apparently there was a line up change and there was a new guy on vocals…He pulled it off and the band was on a whole new level comparing to the last time I saw them and the most prominent thing about their music was their vocals! However one thing they could have worked on should have been to regulate the vocals and cut them down a bit because I don't know about others but I could barley hear the melodies and the guitar work.

Next up was one of my all time favorite bands in UAE, in addition to being very good friends of mine…Alpha.Kenny.Buddy. These guys brought something very different to the scene here…something people have been dreaming of for years and never could pull off. UAE's very first and only Nu Metal Band AKB never fails to amaze me and the whole scene, literally every one in Music Room that day was jumping, head banging, moshing and all of that specially when they covered one of my all time favorite songs by Limp Bizkit called Rollin'. These guys leave an impression every time they get on stage and I can't wait to see them live again!

We were up next, It was our 3rd show so we are more or less a new band. Im not gonna say much about us but what ill say is that every time we get on stage we bring something new. We played as a 3 piece again and started with an oriental intro on guitar followed by arabian drums on the percussion pads…and since many people asked for it we covered Judas Priest's Breaking The Law nut didn't get a chance to play our new track Reign of Tears due to timing however next time we will surprise our fans with 2 unheard songs!

Highlight of the day, the best band who played that there according to me was Soulfuel starting with my own personal song Forgiven Forbidden and leading to playing one of their new tracks marking the people who attended Mental Issues 3 the first people to have heard Justice is Sin. Also they ended their set with a legendary song. They covered Arch Enemy's We Will Rise thereby rendering everyone's neck there sprained!

And finally as the last band Billy Bob's Blood Drenched Brew got on stage the crowd kept drawing closer and closer to the stage for one last set of head banging expecting Billy Bob to do what they always do, play the most extreme and brutal music. And oh they did!, I have seen Billy Bob on stage on 3 separate occasions and take it from me they improve their stage presence every time!

So the day came to an end and people went home having enjoyed yet another great gig! Please support the bands who played that day (yes including us hehe) by liking their Facebook pages and listening to their music on reverberation this way you support them and in return you will stay updated with upcoming gigs or band news!

Once again I would like to thank Rock Nation and Nik Uzi for putting this together and giving underage bands and fans a chance to be able to get on stage or enjoy watching their favorite bands live!


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