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Rock Nation Alternative Rock Festival

Label: Rock Nation

Reviewer: Ali (The Caveman) Atef - 2012-08-01

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Most of the show was amazing

Yet another spectacular night by Rock Nation, The Alternative Rock Festival sponsored by Coast 103.2 FM was nothing short of awesome. The show was postponed from the 23rd of September because of minor issues and to be honest the turn out wasn't as good as I expected and more people could have shown up however the people who did gave out so much energy that made the night a memorable one. I got there early had a nice conversation with Nik, the organizer. So the bands on the bill this time were OLLIE AND THE BOYS, POINT OF VIEW, FABLES OF CANNT, WE LEFT AS SKELETONS, BEAT ANTENNA, ALPHA KENNY BUDDY and VISCOUS MISHMASH.

OLLIE AND THE BOYS, the first band up were pretty good... they had a unique sound and all in all put on a good show together with some epic guitars and sweet vocals, to be honest i was really impressed by the drums. I cant wait to watch them again, keep an eye out for this band!

ALPHA KENNY BUDDY... what can i say? Every time I say the band name out loud people give me weird looks specially in my little town Al Ain. But these guys hit it hard once again. Combination of Rap and Metal, great vocals, sweet solos and gas masks is always good isn't it? They covered some of my favorite songs. This time their music banged the first head I applaud them on this award that I so selflessly created haha!

I was really looking forward to seeing the next band... I never heard them live but recently there have been a lot of hype about them so I was very curious. Apparently they lived up to their reputation their crowd was HUGE and they put on a very good set. I would love to watch them again!

Next up was FABLES OF CANNT... again it was the first time I heard about these guys. They were launching their debut album. The thing that stood out most in this band were the vocals... The vocalist took their music to the next level but honestly they could have done better with the drums I did hear them go off beat a couple of times but I also must emphasize on the good recoveries. All in all it was a great set and I’m sure the crowd agreed as well... they had a very good reception.

Next band was POINT OF VIEW. They decided to play all covers which honestly was sad I really would have loved to check out their originals. They started off with one of my favorite songs of all time ‘Smooth Criminal’ and moved on to cover other songs from PAPA ROACH and others. They had GREAT chemistry on stage and the crowd never stopped screaming. All in all i have to say that according to me POINT OF VIEW was the best band that played that night.

With 3 bands left to go people were starting to get a tiny bit tired... next band to get up on stage was WE LEFT AS SKELETONS. I have personally shared a stage with them and I just have one word to describe this band... Unpredictable! Seeing them and ALPHA KENNY BUDDY on the same stage was a treat and I got what I hoped for! Tariq was going crazy on guitars as usual jumping around stage and putting out a lot of energy and he was very well received. On a side note I was helping him out with the stage lights and he asked me not to put any green on him... So I went crazy with the pink!

The band everyone has been waiting for got ready to get on stage... SPIRAL OUT who is a TOOL tribute band, destroyed that stage big time. Dirty from ALPHA KENNY BUDDY was doing the vocals and Nik did one song as well. Now to be honest haven't heard TOOL in a long time and SPIRAL OUT brought back amazing memories... There wasn't a single instrument being played better than the other... everything played together in harmony. This is definitely one band to look out for and I would love to hear an original from them.

The last band to play that night was VISCOUS MISHMASH. I remember they were suppose to play with us at Musolicious Fest but they didn't, so I was really looking forward to them. Frankly I was exhausted and it looked like many other people were as well... nevertheless everyone supported VISCOUS MISHMASH. They had some technical difficulties in the beginning but eventually they did overcome it with Tariq running back and forth from the mixer to the stage and back and when they finally started it was amazing. They are the only band in the UAE that I've heard playing Funk Rock. I forgot the fact that i was exhausted and got back up on my feet. Amazing performance by VISCOUS MISHMASH.

Rock Nation Alternative Fest was an event that can ONLY be organized by someone like Nik so once again thanks!


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