JorZine - Chalice Of Doom - Endless Prison

Chalice Of Doom - Endless Prison

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Mujtaba M Badr - 2012-09-05

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Endless Prison

As I have pointed out in some of my previous reviews, 2010 was a milestone in the timeline of the local Jordanian and Middle Eastern Metal scene; many bands came into being, old bands returned with a kick ass new releases and the most important thing: The production and sound quality of the entire region had entered into a new ,higher level , not the best, yet its good enough to for the average of the international scene.

One of the new additions to our local Jordanian scene, was Chalice of Doom, a doom metal form Al Zarqa (somehow this city is turning into the city of Jordanian doom and depressive metal!) and after the release of their demo debut earlier last year, they wanted to add more music into 2010 before they focus on their planned next full-length and released Endless Prison single by the end of last November.

The songs kick off with a soft, bleak keyboard intro and just after the doomy riff starts, Fares's harshy whispers start to flow the dark lyrics of Lord Azmo, a moment that transports you into another world of sorrow and bleakness so close to those you find in Funeral Doom Metal and Depressive Black Metal. Then the song continues to shift between piano passages with haunting clean vocals and heart crushing slow riffs, not a very unique formula, but it's done very professionally.

The music quality is very good for a demo, you can hear all the instruments and enjoy them as well and not just hearing their noise! And Ahmad Seffo continued his excellent work on lead guitars (from a demo!) with a help from Thabet Abu-Hammad as rhythm guitarist. in short, I like the chemistry of this band, cause it lacked in so many other bands.

The single doesn’t add something new to their previous effort, except , maybe for the better recording, but it just comes as another confirmation that we are witnessing the beginning of a very promising band. And if they took the correct steps and managed to offer more diversity into their music, they will end being a solid name in the scene of Doom Metal in the region.

At the end, Folks! Keep your eyes on Chalice of Doom, am expecting their next release  will blow some minds, mainly the melancholy ones!


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