JorZine - Symbolyc - Engraved Flesh

Symbolyc - Engraved Flesh

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Witch Hunter - 2012-09-06

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6.5/10 6.5/10 6.5/10 6.5/10 6.5/10

Highlights:  Denied, Suffering

What we have here , contrary to what the moniker might suggest , is not a Death-copy band. The death metal spectrum offered by Symbolyc (Yes, Symbolyc with two “Y”s) happens to be closer to that of Morbid Angel mixed in with melodic guitar solos.

The drumming is heavy and very tight, the song writing is more than convincing, the riffs are all killer and the solos are spectacular, the production is well done and everything regarding this album is spit shined and of good quality. The whole atmosphere present on this album is dark, spacial and apocalyptic. Nonetheless, I cannot say that this band that this band falls within the category of “The innovators” which graves heavily on this band's sound. Apart the solos ,which happen to be very personal and well composed, there is nothing much that sets this band apart from the myriad of other bands of the genre.


Other than that Symbolyc's Engraved Flesh is a very solid and concrete album, presenting us with a sound and really heavy Death Metal album. It is enjoyable to listen to and if you like that Morbid Angel genere you really highly appreciate this band. Unfortunately, for the non Morbid Angel fans, Symbolyc have to innovate more in order to stand out from the scene and “push the envelope” when it comes to their sound. But still this band is still worth the while to listen to.


Apart the solos the songs really sound homogenous and ,except for the solos, do not really stand out one from the other, with the exception of Denied (with its clean guitar shredding) and Engraved Flesh (a piano instrumental) and The Parasite Curse with its melodic intro and its clean intro that really touches you inside. The vocals remain constant and flat through the entire album.


I admit having a problem reviewing such albums for several reasons; they are solid albums but leave you very little to say about them. The hard work is evident and the song writing is right in your face, the production is of high quality, they have character to sell but at the same time do not stand out from other bands enough to sing them litanies of glory. And this is very uncomfortable for me as a reviewer, the band does its quasi-best in everything here but you still feel that they are purposely holding back all the amazing stuff that would make you go insane as if they are trapped inside a box when the universe could be their playground... and this pisses me off. With the capacities that these guys have, Engraved Flesh could have easily entered the list for Jorzine's Best Newcomer's Album Of The Year nomination, but Symbolyc have decided to withhold the sheer awesomeness they are capable off and play at 60 percent instead of giving us the 100 percent.


Final Vote:6.5/10 – And it aches me to give such a worthy band such a low rating, but I have to be objective. They are valid in every sense but they haven't “pushed the envelope” and seem to have chosen to play it safe. And by nowadays' standards going out there and breaking new ground counts a lot. Sorry guys, but it's a 6.5/10.

Would I buy this album? It hasn't really convinced me to such a point so as to go and buy it.

Would I be interested in their next release? These guys have everything in them to produce something really out there and smack you straight in the face with it. And they have it in them to innovate and create something new. If they do that and give us something ground-breaking ,which they can do with ease in my opinion, I will be awaiting their next fatigue with great anticipation.


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