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Ordum - The Circle

Label: Self-Released

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-09-05

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Every track is recommended

Middle-Eastern Extreme metal music has become a slight inclination. Since Melechesh really took off with the sound of influenced Oriental Black metal music, Many groups from the Middle East tried to describe their thoughts with this aggressive style. And one of these groups is “Ordum”.
Ordum is a Lebanese band from Beirut, originally formed in 2000 under the name Gothmog before changing their name, and they describe their music as "Extreme – Metal – Tango".

The Circle is the first debut album for Ordum and it has 7 powerful tracks,And it starts with a beautiful Instrumental Intro, to set the state of mind for the approaching attack, about 2:20 seconds catching your attention, and then the blastbeats start. It's sledgehammer. sledgehammer to the max.

This, the first album by Ordum, and this is decidedly intenser than many Lebanese Black Metal acts, The production is superb - everything is audible without having that refined sound. All of the band members are experienced at their respective instruments. The tracks are all noteworthy, with no single filler track, the extreme weather here works like a witchery - nothing not to like. This is the album that will change your mood. The riffs are arriving to you nonstop, and you cannot escape them. The efficient drumming, the riffs, the solid bass...And then the capable vocals. Not once does this album let you down - from the intro "Revived" till the outro"Full Circle", this is one of the best Lebanese extreme metal efforts so far.

The proficient vocalist "Walid Shoughary" gave a great role in this record with his crispy gloomy sulky voice, and many clean parts, that been sung by the drummer Riad himself, have hit the wounds with exquisite voice, The strength of this album lies in this haunting vocals. Riffs upon riffs, Solo upon solo. Tasteful composition without any unneeded melodies. John B is especially awesome. The first minutes clearly shows how experienced and skilled the guitarist is. It's so inspiring awe, and I can not think of a single metaphorical human word to suffice. Audible bass-lines to go along with your drug of greatness, Dying Swan and Societal Destrukt are easily the best tracks in my personal opinion.The drumming is qualified. There is some showy drumming if you're listening for it, but for the majority of the time the drums are just supplying the destructive grim beat.

"Extreme instances of emotion in our human lives that make us do crazy things, act in crazy ways, or think of crazy things we want to do... like the tango!", The members.

This album is devised for fans of flawless extreme music. I would gladly compare Ordum to another band, but this sounds too distinctive. Imagine Black\Death on the Darkest side of things, but with twice the immenseness you could ever imagine. Overall, this is a solid structured album that is worth a listen, so pick it up.

“The Circle” track listing:
01 - Revived
02 - Dying Swan
03 - These Suffering Times
04 - The False Conflict
05 - Societal Destrukt
06 - Vindicated
07 - Full Circle


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