JorZine - Talanas - The Waspkeeper

Talanas - The Waspkeeper

Label: Eulogy Media

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-09-05

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Messaline, Elsewhere, But For The Giving

London seems to be a new hot spot for Progressive paced hybrids of death metal since Talanas are stealing the attentions there with their first debut album "The Waspkeeper", Many interesting elements are here and they really deserve some sacramental honey-colored words. When you hear this album, you will feel your Imaginary is getting so spastic, This album is a total labyrinth, when you enter the gate of the first track, you will stuck till you find yourself at the gateway of the final track of this album, The production of this album is so crystal splendor, which acts the most important role in this Theater that called "The Waspkeeper"


When the sun of Progressive Metal synchronized with the luna of Death Metal, The Lunar Eclipse "TALANAS" covered London with a wonderful album, every single track here is a long story to tell, Many memorable riffs and catchy melodies are smudged within the portraits of the tracks..


"Ananta (The Portrait)" is the first track in this debut album, the track started with a  maniac death metal riff, and with a hellish fever, the harsh And clean vocals of "Hal Sinden" gave these tracks a very congenial environment and compatible frame. "The veil & Its Behest" continued the atmosphere of the first track but with more leading clean vocals at the beginning of the song, The Bass Guitar shows more vivaciousness, The drumming here reflected the meaning of "solidity" as it was the source of every erupted rhythmic melody. The track "Messaline" mirrored a lot of "Opeth" influences, The drums beats and the progressive rolls, The clean vocals mode, the Rhythm guitar works, the fast turning between using harsh and clean vocals verses. And when you reach the fifth track "Elsewhere, But For The Giving" you will feel The Lunar Eclipse's lights are slipping into darkness with a very velvety track, these appeasing melodies here were meant to stuck in the ears. The tracks "The Ecstasy Of Betrayal" and "Penetralium" showed more tendency into more aggressive Progressive music, more grim and solid guitar melodies are embossed upon the pattern of the tracks. The tracks "Prussia White" is a specific short track that contains an atmospheric nature of "Keyboards, Clean Guitars, Solos, aesthetic singing", This track shows more skills in the composition side, this track is definitely outlandish, No Progressive works, no Death metal growls, only sightlines. The last three go on with the same path, with some artistic air holes along the way to the end of the album.


Talanas have done well to create a harmonious, gloomy structural progressive nature here by using the guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, and other nightmare touches. The album creates a very tangible Eclipse through which the soul can very easily get lost in shattered lights. If you are a fan of Progressive Metal and non-pure Death Metal music then this debut album has been made for your ears, but I can't promise that all the elements you're hearing are distant singular, but for what it is, the materials are well written and composed, and they are enough to sink their hooks into your mind and drag you back to the arms of "The Waspkeeper".


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