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Meltdown - The Quietus


Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-03

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Many people think that the Mexican extreme metal scene is poor and there are no catchy death metal bands from their metal scene, but actually these people are wrong because there are many good acts like Buried Dreams and Denial and many others, and here is Mighty Hordes productions are presenting us the melodic death metal band Meltdown with their second full-length album "The Quietus".

The general sound that Meltdown is trying to create is really solid and equilibrized, the melodies and the tough death metal riffs are mixed together to create such a distinctive and balanced sound that can satisfy all the listeners who search for hard death metal riffs and for the listeners that prefer the melodic death metal side. The equilibrium of the death metal art exists in this album clearly, so you can notice the toughness of the riffs in the tracks "Serpents Aeon" and "Vast Lands", the sharp riffing and the powerful drumming that cover the whole texture of the tracks behind the vocals are the main themes of these trucks, but in the other side there are a lot of tracks that have a melodic essence and the melodies flow in a strong way through the structure of the tracks, you can clearly notice this in the tracks "tower of umbra" and "Metal Meltdown".

Most of the tracks have a great balance between the musical elements, for example you have the tracks "Paths Of The Unlight" and "Colossus" "Black Flame", the fast riffs and the melodies of the lead guitars are embracing them so tight and the pounding drumming is mixed with the sound of the bass to create a real solid structured tracks. There are a lot of fascinating breaks and many catchy fillings in this album, and this makes the tracks look rich of melodies and ideas, and sure this makes the tracks full of real inspiration. The solos in this album are really admirable and the vocals are strong enough to force your neck to headbang.

Overall, this release is full of real death metal elements, with so many catchy riffs and fascinating melodies, and this makes this album one of the best death metal albums that have been ever released from Mexico.if you are searching for an excellent death metal release that doesn't have the standard death metal sound and doesn't intend to sound like any band on the surface of the earth, then you have to buy your copy of this album now and start headbanging.

Recommended tracks :
Black Flame, Tower Of Umbra, Paths Of The Unlight.


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