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Label: Northern Silence Productions

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-09-05

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Highlights:  Heretoir, Graue Bauten, Retreat to Hibernate

When the Black Metal fans dont have the state of mind to listen to something rough, the options are open wide in front of them, one of the best choices is the "post-black metal/shoegaze", this style of music can satisfy this mood perfectly. Alcest showed the world how the shoegaze music can be clashed with the black metal in a very creative way, but today here is Heretoir proved us this theory too. Heretoir is a germany band from "Augsburg, Bavaria" and started their career in 2006, this band contains only two members, and this year they have released their first debut album after a demo and an Ep and a split album with Thranenkind.


The Tracklist for this album:

1.The Escape: Part I


3.Retreat to Hibernate



6.Graue Bauten

7.The Escape: Part II

8.To Follow the Sun



The Escape (Parts I & II) and O are instrumental shreds, they were created to steal all the thoughts inside the mind of the listeners, and leave the brain bare, every Piano melody and every clean guitar touch will set a cold fire inside your soul, the atmospheric space they create in these instrumentals are enough to get you ready for this kind of music.

The track "Fatigue" started with Mid-paced black metal riffs and crispy black metal vocals that lead the song to increase its tempo, and then the clean vocals verses started to fill the riffs, the variation of using the black metal vocals and the clean vocals helps this song to reflect the state of tiredness and weariness that the band try to achieve. The song goes with more than seven minutes, the breaks in this song is so visioned, I've always loved the clean guitar sounds inside the distorted riffs, and this song satisfys my needs, this track is a standout.


The track "Retreat to Hibernate" started with a soft drums beats and clean guitars sounds, some pinch harmonies completed the mixture. is an intermixture between the vehement blood-flowing of Black Metal and the mild river-streaming of shoegaze, After about three minutes of soft subtle music the distorted guitars awakened from its slumber to add some deeper feelings that the soft music can't express, this track was a real retreat at the starting of the winter.


The track Weltschmerz (Mental Depression) started with a very grim and haggard black metal riff and fast angry drumming, This track is special and has been performed perfectly to draw a pale paint for the world that we are living in, The screaming words are in germanlanguage, here is a translation for some parts :

"My thoughts are my agony

my hope is just a dream.


Alone as long as I live

Alone as long as I breath

Alone as long as my heart beats



 The track "Graue Bauten (The Gray buildings)" is a pure Depressive Black Metal track that talks about the current state of depression of the human minds in this current life, the lyrics are in german too, The memories and the desire to escape from this world are obvious in the lyrics of this song. More than six mintues of melancholic weather and depressed lyrics-rains and thunders-screams.


The track "To Follow the Sun" is smooth distorted song, The voices in this tracks are enough to make you imagine the state of mind of the writer, many agonized screams can be heard here and the sorrow is written in every second. If you close your eyes while hearing this song then you can imagine yourself inside a grave, sceaming for the people to get you out, screaming for the world to save you, and hearing your mind's screams of memories too.


The track "Heretoir" is my best track in this album, the song started with a delicate intro and the distorted guitar sounds broke the intro to let the clean vocals break them too, the crispy black metal vocals started to flow in this song slowly with the existing of the smooth back vocals behind, again the clean guitars gave perfect touches behind the distorted sounds, and again the clean vocals gave perfection to this aesthetic patchwork. This song can be "The Soundtrack Of Your Life" because its simply contains all the feelings that can be felt in life (Depression, Hope, Happiness, Memories, Ambition, Forgiveness).


In General, This album deserves more attention, the compositions are great and the vocals are fitting the music, the production can be better in the future, but this kind of production gives this style of music an atmospheric sound. If you are searching for a non-grim black metal release and if you are searching for a non-pure rough metal music, then Heretoir is here to satisfy your need.


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